Pro Tools | HD Native



创作音乐或图画声音时,高质量不代表要付出高价格。有了 Pro Tools | HD Native,您可以更低价格获得与 Pro Tools | HDX 同样纯正的声音。HD Native 不用专用 DSP,而是利用您的计算机,所以可以处理大型的复杂工程。摆脱 USB 和 FireWire 接口的记录延迟。获取所需的高级工具和对时间码的近乎采样精确度的锁定,以便让事物保持同步并加速推进项目。



Dolby Atmos

令人兴奋的新集成式 Dolby Atmos® 工作流程现已在 Pro Tools | Ultimate 中推出


Pro Tools MTRX promo

通过 Pro Tools | MTRX 获得纯净的音质和扩展的路由/监视控制

Product Highlights

  • Get high-speed connectivity
  • Sound incredible
  • Integrate everywhere
  • Create without limits
  • Pro Tools | HD Native comes with a high-speed Thunderbolt interface and Pro Tools | Ultimate software, enabling you to create and take on big music and audio productions with up to 384 voices/tracks (audio interfaces sold separately). And it offers easy connection to the latest Mac-based desktop and laptop computers for dedicated studio use or on-the-go creation.
  • Capture and play back performances in the absolute highest audio fidelity, with complete sound transparency. Simply add your choice of one or more premium Pro Tools | HD series audio interfaces to your core system. Record analog and digital sources in pristine sound clarity with the fully customizable HD I/O. And track, mix, and monitor up to 7.1 surround with the all-in-one HD OMNI.
  • Looking to upgrade an existing studio? Pro Tools | HD Native is an easy fit. Connect the system into any MADI-enabled broadcast, post-production, or live sound environment with the HD MADI option. And keep your HD Native system and all other digital devices connected to it in perfect sync with SYNC HD.
  • With Pro Tools | Ultimate software included, you can create any type of music or soundtrack project imaginable. Record high-quality audio. Compose with virtual instruments, MIDI, and notation tools. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Edit with speed and precision. Work with HD video. Resolve your system to house reference with near-sample-accurate lock to serial timecode. Accelerate mixing with advanced automation. And deliver your best sounding mixes possible.