JUNE 2, 2023

News production systems benefits with Avid MediaCentral

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There are so many different news production systems workflows which Avid MediaCentral supports, from news and sports to documentaries and features. With many apps, features, and functionalities, there are a world of possibilities. The key is to decide what you want to achieve, then focus on the apps that help you achieve your goal. Like using the latest smartphone, you do not need to know how every single feature works, you just need to get to know the ones you want to use regularly.

For example, the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX has a recently introduced app called MediaCentral | Acquire. This app controls ingest devices such as FastServe | Ingest for SDI or ST-2110 IP feeds, and MediaCentral | Stream for compressed IP feeds such as SRT or RTMP.

MediaCentral | Acquire lets ingest operators perform instant recordings, schedule future recordings, and even build a schedule of regular recordings – for example events which take place at the same time every week - to occur automatically. Since MediaCentral | Cloud UX is browser-based, this can be done, securely of course, from anywhere.

In fact, this picture shows me on a train in the United States, controlling recordings on a MediaCentral system running in Europe, such is the flexibility of the system.

MediaCentral on train

If you are working as an ingest operator, then this is the app for you, with so many features which can help you power through your work in a fast and efficient way. If you are a journalist, probably much less so. For the journalist, getting to know the story-centric capabilities and workflows possible with MediaCentral | Collaborate would be much more useful.

MediaCentral | Collaborate is an app in MediaCentral | Cloud UX for event planning, assignment and task creation, content sharing, and project tracking. It is also available in the MediaCentral panel in Avid’s craft editor, Media Composer, and within the Adobe tools of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop, so it can really be used to bring all of these team members together in a unified workflow. It is a critical component of our news workflows, working hand-in-hand with our Avid iNEWS Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), also known as MediaCentral | Newsroom Management.

MediaCentral Collaborate

MediaCentral | Collaborate is an iOS app, too, supporting journalists in the field who can receive notifications about jobs, update job status, and even view video on location from within the app on their mobile phones. Both MediaCentral | Collaborate and MediaCentral | Acquire are just two examples of a host of innovation which Avid has delivered in the latest releases.

At the recent NAB show in Las Vegas, Avid demonstrated many of these news production systems workflows. Check out what was shown in this video.

NAB 2023 News Workflow Demo

Customers throughout the world are using MediaCentral for sports production, general and online news production, distributing to social media, for documentary production, and much more. Available through subscription, with flexible deployment options, there are many more workflows and apps being used to help create and deliver stories, shows, and programs every day.

Discover MediaCentral for News

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