APRIL 28, 2022

EUCON 2022.4 Now Available—What’s New

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Got an Avid control surface? With the EUCON 2022.4 release—in conjunction with the Pro Tools 2022.4 release—you gain even more mixing flexibility and control to speed up your workflow. From new EUCON Assignable Knob functionality to improvements for Dolby Atmos® mixing and Soft Keys—along with a number of bug fixes for all control surfaces—here’s what’s new.

Assignable Knob

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With Avid S4, Avid S6, and Avid Dock (as well as older Artist Control and Transport surfaces), you  can now adjust almost any onscreen Pro Tools continuous control—like knobs, faders, and Clip Effects—from your surface’s Assignable Knob. You can also do the same with any third-party DAW that already has this functionality.

For S4 and S6, this can be the dedicated Assignable Knob on the Master Module or the jog wheel on the Automation Module. On Avid Dock, you can use either the volume knob or jog wheel. 

Whichever function in Pro Tools your cursor is over, it will automatically be put onto these controls. You also have the option to lock that function to the control, with automation fully supported. This feature is very handy if there’s one function that you always need quick access to, as the function doesn’t need to be visible in Pro Tools for the control to work once it’s locked. If you need higher resolution control, the large jog wheel can easily be assigned with a Soft Key.

Avid Control Atmos Pan Graph

The Channel view Pan graph in the Avid Control app now supports Dolby Atmos with a 2D grid and access to all Pan parameters, Height modes, Speaker settings, and Zone controls. The pan ball size is now a reflection of the Height functions value, growing as the Height is increased and shrinking as the Height is lowered.

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Soft Key Improvements for EuControl

With computers getting faster, a greater delay is sometimes needed between commands when creating Soft Key macros to allow a task to complete before moving to the next command. To compensate for this, the Pause command (\a) now applies a 25-millisecond delay, which can be chained together to increase the length if a longer delay is needed. 

You can also now choose the color scheme for S1 Soft Keys to follow your track colors or Soft Key colors, as well as make some S1 hardware buttons available as Soft Keys.

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    After 20 years mixing and designing studios facilities in the UK, I moved to the USA and managed the S5 products for Euphonix. At Avid I designed the S6, S4 and S1 and now manage all control surfaces.

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