Are you ready for a transmedia world?

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The next generation of journalists must be ready to work in a transmedia world, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t specialize in any given platform.

That’s the advice of Tom Rumes, Head of Media Services at Belgium’s Thomas More University, which trains around 1,600 media makers each year.

In the next episode of the Making the Media podcast, he sits down with host Craig Wilson to talk about why transmedia is important to maximize the value of your storytelling.

“Transmedia is how you tell stories—different stories on different platforms—and they have a relationship between them,” Tom explains. “But I don't believe in the journalist who does everything on one day and makes a great television piece, a radio piece, a print piece, and also an online piece… I think you still have to have an area where you are a little bit more adapted to, for example, television.”

He also discusses the challenges the education sector faces, ensuring educators stay on top of trends in the industry, so their students are best prepared for a future in journalism. “If we train the journalists in how the market works today and they start working, they’re probably outdated already. So, we have to watch the trends—or even incorporate the trends—before they already are used within the media sector.”

Hear more in the next episode of the Making the Media podcast on Monday, September 6th.

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