FEBRUARY 6, 2023

Making the Media S3E10: Exploring New Audiences

Making the Media S310 Guests: Andree Lau & Michael Gruzuk

How is data informing both editorial and strategic decision-making with the newsroom at a time when audience behavior is changing rapidly?

In the tenth episode of season three of the Making the Media Podcast, host Craig Wilson is joined by leaders from CBC in Canada to discuss the launch of a new streaming channel and how they are working to attract new audiences with new styles of programming.

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Listen to Hear:

  • How data is being used to drive strategic direction
  • The desire to tackle news avoidance and seek out new audiences
  • Maximizing coverage across the news organization

Our Guests This Episode

Andree Lau, Senior Director of Digital Publishing and Streaming, CBC

Andree Lau oversees the national website, news app, social media content, the CBC News Network 24-hour news speciality channel, and the CBC News Explore FAST channel.

Andree started her journalism career running the overnight homepage for CBCNews.ca. At CBC, she's worked as a TV reporter, video journalist, food columnist (radio and online), and as a writer, producer, and editor (TV and digital) in nine newsrooms across Canada. She spent eight years at HuffPost Canada, where she helped build one of the most diverse and young newsrooms in the country. They broke enterprise, politics and lifestyle stories with an inclusive lens and experimented with livestreams and digital video. After three years as editor-in-chief of HuffPost Canada, Andree returned to CBC in 2020 to lead its digital news publishing strategy.

Michael Gruzuk, Senior Director, CBC News Studios

Michael Gruzuk is the head of CBC News Studios—a development, strategy, and production team supporting local and network content across all CBC News platforms.

Prior to this role, Michael was the head of network programming for CBC News. Before returning to CBC, he was the director of news and digital for VICE Canada. Michael started his career as a current affairs producer working on investigative documentaries and current affairs for Alliance Atlantis and CBC News productions.

Michael’s development leadership includes the 2021 relaunch of CBC News Network, Canada's #1 daily news podcast, Front Burner, Rosemary Barton Live, and Canada Tonight. Michael has created and re-launched several innovative programs including Face to Face (CBC News), VICE Canada Reports, and Cut-Off (VICE Media). He was previously a program leader at The National, CBC News Marketplace, and was the executive producer of CBC News Specials, overseeing all domestic and international news events, including CBC's Olympic news coverage and the 2015 federal election. He was a lead producer of the 2019 and 2021 Federal Leaders Debates.

I worry a lot about meeting the needs of everyone as quickly as we can because they are sophisticated audiences. They are smart and they are moving faster than sometimes we're able to inside.

Michael Gruzuk, CBC.

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