AUGUST 31, 2023

See What’s New in Avid Media Composer 2023.8

Screen displays Avid Media Composer Classic, transition from Adobe Premiere Pro user profile options, and What’s New in Media Composer 2023.8

Summer is traditionally a time to kick back and relax but here at Avid we are operating at full velocity.

We’ve got exciting news that’s going to knock your headphones off. Our software update for Media Composer now has AI functionality that will amaze and delight you with its efficiency and seamless integration.

NEW! Media Composer 2023.8 introduces a preview of AI-powered tools, PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI. These super popular timesaving features are now even better, leveraging robust and powerful AI technology that does not require Internet connectivity and keeps your data secure.

Media Composer 2023.8 improves the editing experience offering a new workspace option that shortens the ramp-up time for editors transitioning from older versions of Media Composer, audio punch-in support via third-party USB devices, and more.

Plus, with the new Panel SDK, Media Composer is more open than ever to third-party integration via a set of APIs.

Explore Media Composer 2023.8—now available.

Preview AI-powered timesavers: PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI

Experience a new level of efficiency and precision with a preview of our revolutionary artificial intelligence-powered ScriptSync AI and PhraseFind AI. Effortlessly navigate through your footage, no matter how extensive, and enjoy precise results. Maximize the potential of modern transcription technology, offering seamless editing with full-text search results and multi-language support.

PhraseFind AI is a remarkable updated version of the acclaimed dialog indexing and searching option for Media Composer that enables you to quickly find any relevant clip by simply typing a word or phrase. You can also access automatic transcript creation, a new transcription management tool, and automatic multi-lingual language detection.


Say goodbye to endless scrolling through tons of footage! ScriptSync AI is a powerful dialog search and sync option for Media Composer that eliminates time-consuming manual media searches and enables you to find the best take or perfect clip astoundingly fast. Leveraging robust and powerful AI technology, you can now create a transcription of your media by selecting the ‘Create Script from Clip’ feature and automatically align media with text in the script window.

These new tools have made something that is already an indispensable part of my workflow more efficient and effective, freeing up me and my team to spend less time manually scripting scenes and more time focused on the creative edit itself. We just finished a project in which ScriptSync AI would've saved us literally days. I can't wait to implement this in our day to day.

Filmmaker Doc Crotzer, ACE (Credits include Shotgun Wedding, Glee, and the upcoming Road House, among many others)


Animated GIF shows script being created from a clip and automatically synced to align media using ScriptSync script-based editing in Avid Media Composer. 

Please note:
As of September 29, 2023, all Media Composer builds pre-dating Media Composer 2023.8 will no longer be available for download. Please archive any versions of Media Composer pre-dating 2023.8 that you have licenses for to retain access. Learn more: FAQ

User experience enhancements

With each Media Composer version, we incorporate updated functionality for new editors just starting to learn the tools, as well as enhancements for longtime users who can benefit from advanced features.

New "Classic" user profile based on Media Composer 2018 user settings and workflow

We are thrilled to see that many editors are adopting the latest version of Media Composer as they craft projects, but we know that others have not yet made the jump for varied reasons. For those who like the layout of previous versions, you will be happy to know that there is a new profile that you can choose when creating User Settings.


Choose your profile’s preferred settings for:

Media Composer: Media Composer with your panels docked together for a clean UI.

Media Composer Classic: Media Composer with bins floating by default, a project, settings, and effect palette panel, and six extra buttons in the Composer panel.

Transitioning from Adobe Premiere Pro: Mimic the UI of Adobe Premiere Pro for an easy transition.

Your selection enables your preference settings to float your bins when opened, creates the PROJECT WINDOW with the SETTINGS and EFFECT PALETTE combined in one panel, and re-introduces the default buttons between the Source and Record Viewers in the Composer panel.


In the Composer Settings, you can enable or disable the six buttons between the Source and Record Viewers in the Composer panel at any time.


You will find that the experience of moving to the new version of Media Composer is easier when the UI performs as it previously did.


Example of a single monitor display with Media Composer Classic with floating bins and windows.


Example of a two-monitor display with Media Composer Classic with the bin monitor on the left and edit monitor on the right.

Batch Subclip Tool

To streamline the creation of subclips, set in-and-out points on your clips and choose the ‘Batch Subclip Tool’ to subclip selected media. This timesaver allows you to adjust the track selection, adding or removing additional frames on each clip and preserving the in-and-out marks within the tool.


Sequence template update

In a previous release, editors were able to create, save, and use pre-designed sequence templates by building video and audio tracks through a sequence template tool. To build on that functionality, you can now add any sequence template to an existing sequence in the timeline. This combines tracks and track names to the current timeline without being destructive and is designed to match sequences to delivery requirements.


Keyboard shortcuts to command button tool-tips

Keyboard shortcuts are assigned to almost all buttons in the Media Composer UI and you may not always remember what the shortcut may be. Hover over a button to expose the keyboard shortcut through a pop-up tool-tip.

Avid-Media-Composer-whats-new-2023-8- keyboard-shortcut-mark-in-command-tool-tip


Audio-related enhancements

Powerful new audio capabilities have been added in this Media Composer update including audio punch-in, and picture and sound workflow improvements.

Audio punch-in for MBOX Studio and other USB devices

It is now possible to use USB audio devices (e.g., microphones) as input devices for audio punch-in while synchronized video is played out using any Artist DNx or OpenIO compatible hardware. This exciting feature brings greater flexibility and affordability to audio recording workflows. Take advantage of separate audio and video outputs for synchronized playback, empowering you to easily deliver impeccable voiceovers.


Range extended up to 36 dB for clip gain in audio mixer or timeline

The clip gain range has been extended from a maximum of 12 dB to 36 dB, which aligns Media Composer with Pro Tools and assists users working with clips recorded at low audio levels. These new values are maintained when importing and exporting AAF and Pro Tools Sessions and can be set in the Audio Mixer or on the Timeline using the Clip Gain on each clip.

Faders will only move up to a maximum of +12 dB but to set the value to anything up to 36 dB, add the value by typing it in manually. Changes made above 12 dB are visually represented with a yellow color indication in the Audio Mixer UI to note potential loud clips.



Multi-mix options for Pro Tools session export

With the ability to create a Multi-mix of your audio tracks in a previous release of Media Composer, we are extending that function as an option when you export a Pro Tools Session from Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise. Including this in your Pro Tools Session provides a more seamless turnover to your audio mixers.

Avid-Media-Composer-whats-new-2023-8-multi-mix-options-for Pro-Tools-session-export 

Introducing Media Composer Panel SDK for studios, facilities, creative teams and third-party technology partners

Media Composer is now more open than ever to third-party integration with the new Panel SDK (software developer’s kit). This set of APIs enables direct interaction with third-party applications—right within the Media Composer user interface—for greater workflow speed and efficiency. Customers and technology partners can use the Panel SDK to develop integrated apps that streamline workflows such as dailies upload, VFX pulls, review and approval, and more. Say goodbye to tedious processes and welcome a productivity boost like never before.

How do you integrate your technology with Media Composer? Send a Partner Request via email to the Avid Media Composer Panel SDK Team.

Avid Media Composer UI shows Panel SDK HTML5 UI window open within the Media Composer UI. 

Get the latest software

With this update, we introduce a host of new tools that expand the capabilities and functionality of Media Composer. Expand creativity, streamline processes, and achieve more with the enhanced features now at your fingertips.

Media Composer 2023.8 is available as a free update to all current Media Composer subscribers, as well as perpetual license holders with an active Software Updates + Support Plan. If you have an old perpetual license without an updates plan, check out your upgrade options to get current. And if you don’t have Media Composer, subscribe or give it a try now!


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