From big-budget movies, scripted television, and reality TV to independent films, documentaries, and corporate video, more post-production professionals rely on Avid audio and video solutions than any other tools to achieve their creative vision. With the Avid post-production pipeline, you can control and secure your production, enable remote collaboration between users, create more high-quality content, and optimize your content lifecycle with integrated solutions that accelerate your entire workflow—from capture to delivery.


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Hear from top TV and film editors about why they love Media Composer script-based video editing for their projects

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See what's new with Avid NEXIS shared storage, including the new virtual file system and F-series storage engine family

Meeting The Challenge

Avid solutions can be tailored to handle everything from independent documentaries and web series to big-budget Hollywood films.

  • Easily meet the technical demands of working with all high-res formats and colorspaces from start to finish
  • Overcome disconnected workflows by collaborating with editors locally and remotely
  • Manage large amounts of media effortlessly with easily searchable, intelligent storage
  • Save time by accessing and reviewing file-based media without having to copy or transcode footage first
  • Maximize efficiency by incorporating Avid and third-party creative tools for visual effects and color grading into one integrated platform
  • Showcase your editing skills and connect with other creatives to expand your opportunities with the free Avid Link app
  • Speed up project prep time and enable easier production pipeline workflows with non-editors
  • Easily manage multiple licenses and users, and simplify budgeting and billing with Media Composer for teams

How it works


Speed up high-quality content creation while enabling team collaboration from anywhere with award-winning content production tools.


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Avid NEXIS Datasheet

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挑战综艺后期制作极限,Avid 携手东方卫视开拓中国原创综艺新时代

对剪辑师来说,工具其实都是一样,选择 Avid,除了对电视台来说,稳定性必是第一要义;更重要的一点,Avid 真正从整体后期制作环境去满足了用户需求 — 专业级的软件,配合专属的硬件加速,专属的存储系统,他提供的是更高效、更灵活、更具可扩展性的整体制作解决方案!

东方卫视后期总监 刘红



Avid 图形增强 TV3 选举报道

该广播的开创性方面是在 HDVG+ 渲染引擎中使用了双色度键控。我们能够将结果按席位投射到议会厅,从而随着计数的进行自动更新席位颜色。





当我告诉父母电视真人秀剪辑助理、摄影助理和音频剪辑师的就业率并向他们展示 Avid 认证是谋得这些职位的关键时,他们意识到自己的孩子将来大学毕业之后,能够在致力于优秀剧本的同时,找到谋生之道。

TOBIAS YOSHIMURA,美国海斯堡州立大学媒体研究副教授