ISIS | 1000 System Administration eLearning


Blended eLearning course for administering your ISIS | 1000

The ISIS | 1000 System Administration blended eLearning course provides in depth knowledge of the Avid ISIS | 1000 and important information you will need to administer your system and get it up and running quickly.

The first part of the course consists of 12 instructional videos covering a range of administration topics such as how to create and manage workspaces, check ISIS system status, troubleshoot ISIS issues, create and understand user accounts, connect to clients, mount/dismount workspaces, configure a multi-engine ISIS, and deal with hardware failures.

The second part is a 1-hour live online webinar which gives you the chance to speak directly with an Avid ISIS instructor about your system, issues you may be having, and tips for maximizing the workflow within your facility.


  • Provides 12 instructional videos covering a range of ISIS | 1000 administration topics
  • Includes a 1-hour live webinar taught by an Avid ISIS instructor where you can ask questions, get tips for managing your facility workflow, and interact with other ISIS | 1000 owners
  • Includes an online quiz at the end of each video to help reinforce what you’ve learned

System requirements

A continuous internet connection is required to view the videos and to participate in the live online webinar. In addition you will need a computer with microphone/speakers or a headset with a microphone in order to participate in the live online webinar.

Viewing the recorded video portion of this eLearning course is not supported on mobile devices.


Table of contents/agenda

Length: 2 hours of online video content and a 1-hour live online webinar.

Online videos

Video 1: Racking an ISIS | 1000 Chassis
Video 2: ISIS 1000 Basic Networking
Video 3: Working with the Management Console
Video 4: Workspace strategies
Video 5: How to make a workspace
Video 6: User Management strategies
Video 7: Making a new user
Video 8: Dealing with hardware failures
Video 9: Checking System Status
Video 10: Connecting Clients to the ISIS
Video 11: Configuring a multi-engine ISIS
Video 12: Understanding Common ISIS Statuses

Live online webinar

The instructor will review the content from the videos going deeper into the topics covered and answering any questions the attendees have. In addition special attention will be given to the reviewing information about drive replacement and workspace creation. All questions related to using and administering your ISIS | 1000 system are welcome.

To make the most your time with the instructor, be sure to watch the videos prior to attending the live webinar. This will ensure that you have had time to try out some of the procedures covered in the videos and arrive to the webinar ready with questions for the instructor.

Content access information

You will receive instructions on how to access the content, typically within 24 hours during, Monday-Friday. If you have not received a link to your elearning within 48 hours, please contact our Education team:

Access to online content is available for 90 days from date access is granted.