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When it comes to audio post production, a refined workflow and the ability to handle complex technical situations are critical to your success. Prove that you have both through the training and certification of Avid Certified Expert for Pro Tools (Post). You'll cover advanced topics associated with interoperability, workflow, and more—giving you an edge up in the audio suite.

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A Pro Tools Expert Post Certification provides:

  • Immediate industry recognition of proven expertise as a user who has reached the highest level and can operate a Pro Tools | Ultimate system with HD-series hardware in a professional, fast-paced environment at an above-average skill level
  • Differentiation from your competitors when applying for audio engineering work at commercial post production houses
  • A listing in Avid's searchable online Certification Directory (with your approval)


Q-01: Are there any prerequisites?

A-01: Yes. Once you earn the credential of Avid Certified Operator: Pro Tools | Post you are eligible to enroll in the class for Certified Expert.

Q-02: How do I become an Avid Certified Expert for Pro Tools (Post)?

A-02: To certify, you must complete the course, PT310P Advanced Post Production Techniques, including course projects/exercises at an official Avid Learning Partner, then pass the course completion exams.

Q-03: What is the format of the exam?

A-03: An Avid Certified Expert exam includes two components – a practical exam and a standard multiple-choice exam.

The practical exam is a live demonstration of your skills, during which an Avid Certified Instructor trained in the proper grading process will observe you. You will be required to complete a range of tasks on a sample session, and are graded on the successful completion of those tasks within the allotted amount of time, as well as the efficiency with which you work. For example, some points may be awarded for the appropriate use of specific tools, techniques and shortcuts; and points may be lost if a task is completed incorrectly and needs to be repeated. The multiple-choice exam is comprised of 50 questions and is directly tied to the content the respective course. The time allotted to complete each exam is 60 minutes.

Test items are presented in the following formats:

• Multiple Choice: Select the single option that best answers the question
• Illustration Review: Refer to the illustration (e.g. Pro Tools interface) prior to answering the multiple choice question
• Illustration Response: Select the single image that best answers the question

Q-03: Can I refer to study materials during the exams?

A-03: No. Students are not allowed to reference any documentation or study materials during the exams.

Q-04: What happens if I take the exam and do not pass?

A-04: Exam results are shown immediately when an exam is completed and submitted for evaluation. Unless a student is banned from retaking the exams for reasons of fraud or rule violations, the following retake policy applies:

• If a student does not pass an exam, the candidate may retake the exam after 24 hours have passed
• Once a student has passed an exam, it may not be taken again for that version of the Avid product

Q-05: What will I receive if I successfully pass the exam?

A-05: Along with pride and confidence of becoming a part of an elite group of Pro Tools users, you will receive:

1. Official certificate available for printing or download, proving your Avid Certified Expert status.
2. Downloadable Logos, for use in your business marketing materials such as business cards and websites.
3. (Optional with your express consent) Listing of your credentials on Avid.com under Find a Certified Professional.

Q-06: How long is certification good for?

A-06: Your Pro Tools Certification does not expire. You become certified for a particular version of Pro Tools software. Avid Certified Experts have an option to update their certification to a newer version by taking the Pro Tools update exam. Contact your local Avid Learning Partner for more information.


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