DECEMBER 15, 2021

Discover a new approach to filter design with Rift Filter Lite

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We’ve all used standard filter plugins before. From your classic lowpass to modulating bandpass, we’re still limited to simple sweeps and resonance peaks. While these effects are useful, they become stagnant after using the same tricks in every track. Minimal Audio strives to bring a fresh and inspiring perspective to the tools we depend on for making music.


Rift Filter Lite is Minimal Audio’s answer to the search for a more compelling and flexible filter plugin. With 24 unique filter types to choose from and features like Morph, Spread, and Pitch Snapping—Rift Filter Lite adds movement, tone, and stereo width to your tracks with ease.


Rift Filter Lite Next-Gen Morphing Filter


Modern Morphing Filter

The Morph control on Rift Filter Lite is your new secret weapon. After selecting a filter type and dialing in your resonance, try turning the Morph knob and listen as the filter changes its structure in real-time. For an even stronger mutating effect, you can automate Morph and get some truly wild movements.


Rift Filter Lite Morph


Tuned Resonance


Rift Filter Lite’s Pitch Snapping feature is next in line. Here, you can lock the filter’s cutoff to various scales or select whatever notes you want. Once your notes are selected, automating the cutoff will create resonant melodies. In addition, you can send MIDI notes into the plugin for tuned key-tracking effects. These powerful features are excellent for adding resonant tones and new harmonies to any sound, from drums to synths, guitars, and SFX.


Rift Filter Lite Pitch Snap


Unique Filter Types


Finally, Rift Filter Lite’s 24 filter algorithms give you a vast range of styles to explore. With classic, morphing, phaser, vowel, harmonic, and much more, you’re bound to find some that spark your creativity.


Rift Filter Lite is one module within Minimal Audio’s hybrid effects plugin, Rift. With Rift, you can add unique multipolar distortion, modulate any parameter with powerful sequencing, and create tuned feedback or lush delay—all with an easy-to-use interface and 400+ perfectly dialed presets. Check out what else is possible at



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