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    • BST100 V2 Super Overdrive

      BST100 V2 Super Overdrive is a high-gain guitar amplifier plugin with rich harmonics and versatile tone shaping parameters and modern tools to help you create the most extreme guitar tones.

      But this plugin isn’t just an amp—it’s an entire recording studio experience, letting you blend, mix, and create with eight different guitar cabinets and four mic emulations, plus control for on/off position switch, distance knobs, filters, a mixer section, and more.

    • Handy Drums Studio Standard

      Handy Drums Studio Standard by GoranGrooves is an award-winning drum machine with meticulously produced acoustic drum samples and an ultra-refined workflow.

      Forget fiddling with mic blends or phase alignment—get the “album-ready” sound right out of the box. Produce pop, rock, country, blues, or jazz with the legendary warmth and punch of a Yamaha Maple Custom drum set with Zildjian A-custom cymbals. Find expertly recorded percussion hits like congas, bongos, timbales, shakers, maracas, and more. 

    • T-Compressor

      T-Compressor by Techivation is not your average compressor, allowing you to layer up to three rounds of compression within a single plugin instance.

      Control up to three of four compression styles (clean, crispy, warm, and thick) in a single plugin window to uniquely shape and color the character of your sound. Try combining clean, warm, and crispy flavors together on vocals. Or maybe mix clean and thick on a kick. The possibilities are endless.

    • Mixup.Audio

      Mixup.Audio is the ultimate collaboration tool for giving and receiving feedback on music—and it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

      Share your projects and mixes with anyone with a single link—no login required. Give feedback at specific points in the session. Compare versions of your mix, no matter how many it takes. Approve or disapprove changes. Never bother with email or text chains for session notes again.

    • Soundsnap

      Soundsnap is the world’s largest and most popular professional SFX library with over 465,000 sounds and more added weekly.

      Find sounds spanning industrial impacts, ethereal ambiences, science fiction foley, and more. Choose from categories like collide, steel, futuristic, crash, wood, and more. Perfect for sound and game designers, music producers, and everything in between. All royalty-free.

    • UJAM Beatmaker DOPE

      UJAM’s Beatmaker DOPE is a virtual instrument that puts all kinds of percussion spanning hip hop styles, eras, and textures at your fingertips for quick creation.

      Choose from over 50 different styles and over 1,000 rhythmical phrases for instant song intros, fills, verses, choruses, breakdowns, and endings. And take total creative control of your textures with creative parameters like filters, vinyl drive, distortion, saturation, ambience, and more.

    • Rob Papen Predator-3 PL

      Predator-3 PL is a powerful hybrid analog and wavetable synth and the secret weapon for any producer or songwriter looking to quickly find sounds and inspiration.

      Packing 5,200+ presets, plus essential parameters like analog-modeled filters, pitch bend control, and more, it’s easy to find and dial-in the sound you’re looking for to add extra spice to your production. Or explore and discover something totally new and different.

    • Plugin-Alliance-385x515

      Pick Your Favorite from Plugin Alliance

      Plugin Alliance is a curated marketplace with hundreds of plugins from some of the industry’s most advanced and in-demand developers, including Solid State Logic, Brainworx, Shadow Hills, Mäag Audio, SPL, and more.  
      For this reward, pick any plugin from a select list of over 130 plugins from Plugin Alliance, and it’s yours to keep. Need a new synth? No problem. A granular reverb? There are plenty of those too! This reward is like no other.

    • PSP oldTimer

      PSP oldTimer is an easy-to-use vintage-style compressor plugin that gives you the power and versatility to enhance tracks with soft, smooth compression at low levels, or color your audio with the sound of tube emulation when pushed to extremes.

      With just a few clicks, you can dial-in an analog pumping effect without the grit and loss of high end. Or quickly add coloration that smooths but doesn’t dull. Plus, with its zero-latency processing, you can bring a vintage vibe to all your live applications—monitoring, broadcasting, and managing levels while tracking.

    • LANDR Studio + LANDR FX Bass

      Get a free 2-month All-Access Pass to the best LANDR has to offer. Create music with exclusive sample libraries and plugins. Master tracks with intelligent AI. And collaborate over high-quality video. Plus, get LANDR FX Bass—a single-knob plugin with over 40 presets to shape and dial-in the bass effects you desire—for free.

    • INSPIRATA Lite

      INSPIRATA Lite is an easy-to-use stereo convolution reverb plugin that puts ultra-realistic emulations of a wide variety of real acoustic spaces from around the world at your fingertips.

      With just a few clicks, you can make your mix sound like it was actually recorded in the space you choose—from small rooms to iconic concert halls and churches. Then fine-tune the listener’s position, acoustic reflections, stereo width, and more. With INSPIRATA Lite, you can have any acoustic space all to yourself.

    • Antares Duo

      From the makers of Auto-Tune, Duo is a professional vocal plugin that makes it easy to enhance your vocal productions by automatically generating doubled vocal parts from an existing single vocal.

      Add weight, presence, and character to your vocals with just a few clicks. With programmable variations in pitch, timing, vibrato depth, and vocal timbre, it’s easy to create a doubled part that sounds like the same person as the lead vocal—or like someone else entirely.

    • Rift Filter Lite

      Experience a whole new approach to filter design and take your sounds to the next level. Choose from 24 state-of-the-art filters and manipulate them like never before. Explore new types of morphing, vowel, phaser, peaking, and more filters.

      Then transform your sounds with precision. Sculpt jaw-dropping movement with morph and stereo spread controls. Plus, intuitive pitch snapping, pitch snap scales, and MIDI tracking make Minimal Audio’s Rift Filter Lite the most flexible filter on the market.

    • The Odyssey Collection: Design Elements

      Sweeten and add texture to your sound design with The Odyssey Collection: Design Elements (ODE)—your go-to versatile sound design elements library created to enhance any audio post project from film, television, trailers, and games to advertising, podcasts, web, and beyond.

      Created in collaboration with Academy Award®-winning sound artists Mark Mangini (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Richard L. Anderson (Raiders of the Lost Ark), ODE includes expertly crafted hits, transitions, whooshes, and other vital design elements and layers that you can consistently rely on to finish projects faster and more creatively.

    • DJ Swivel Spread

      Spread is a powerful multi-band stereo imaging plugin from Grammy Award winning producer and mixing engineer DJ Swivel. It lets you increase the stereo width of any track across all 3 frequency bands in a simple and intuitive user interface.

      Mono-ize stereo sounds and widen stereo tracks to the max. With discrete control over each frequency band and useful features like ‘tilt,’ which lets you balance your signal without compromising the stereo image, Spread is part utility, part creative effect—perfect for making your mixes really jump out of your speakers.

    • Comeback Kid

      Have sounds return as better versions of themselves—loaded with character and analog flavor.

      The effect’s layout is inspired by the creative workflow of hardware. There are no sub-menus or hidden features. Just an ultra-flexible delay engine, along with 14 “flavor knobs” to add sonic goodness to your wet signal.

    • AmpliTube 5 SE

      • The leading amp and effects plugin with 77 models of must-have gear
      • Includes stomps, amps, cabs, speakers, mics, rooms, and rack FX
      • Drag and drop signal chain supports up to 57 simultaneous models
      • Ultra-realistic VIR™ technology dramatically improves all cab models
      • Mixer section to blend multiple cabs, mics, and DI with 19 mixing effects

    • T-RackS 5 SE

      • Includes 10 high-end processor modules covering essential production tools
      • Standalone workstation, plugin suite and single plugin operation
      • T-RackS shell supports chaining up to 16 processors and saving as presets
      • Custom Shop integration to test other modules for 14 days before purchase
      • T-RackS 5 signature presets available from the industry's top engineers

    • BioTek

      BioTek combines the sounds of nature with a complex synthesis engine to create weird and wonderful organic soundscapes, providing endless possibilities.

      With BioTek, you can tweak every parameter of each sound you create, blend various patches into new sounds, build your own instruments, and so much more.

    • Pro Sound Effects

      Pro Sound Effects creates sound effects libraries and software developed with award-winning sound artists and world-class recordists.

      For sound editors: Bring scenes to life with Foley Essentials - featuring lifelike recordings of everyday actions and props curated from Academy Award®-winners Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson.

      For music producers: Find fresh ideas with Producer's Pack Vol. 1 - featuring rare samples selected from unique source recordings and edited into oneshots and loops.

    • Convology-385x515

      Convology XT

      Create natural-sounding spaces with this high-quality, easy-to-use convolution reverb, which includes 70 vintage reverb impulse response files from all over the world.

      For Pro Tools subscribers, Impulse Record has also included 17 Physical Plates, sampled in seven different countries, for free.

    • Groove3-385x515


      Improve your mixing, production, and software skills with 3 credits to use on Groove3.com.

      Choose from a large assortment of video tutorials and books available for streaming and download, covering a wide range of topics. And get priceless tips from such greats as Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien.

    • EQuivocate

      Perfect for mixing and mastering, EQuivocate's auditory filters and match EQ functionality make it incredibly powerful, simple to use, and natural sounding.

      EQuivocate uses filters that are modeled on the human ear, making any combination of settings sound as natural and transparent as possible. And with its Match EQ feature, you can make the sound of your track match or complement the audio signal streamed to its sidechain. Even use it to make a final master match the tone of a reference track or help fit a sound into a dense mix.

    • Sound Credit

      Capture credits in the moment, then edit and deliver them to clients or publish online.

      With the Publisher desktop app, you can review, add, and edit music credits, then deliver them to clients and labels. With the Tracker plug-in, you can capture and track complete credits and production details during recording sessions.

    • Sound-Ideas-385x515

      Sound Ideas

      Get 50 professional, high-quality production music tracks for your projects from Sound Ideas.

      This royalty-free music library allows you to use these tracks on any project, as the music comes with a worldwide license, so you never have to worry about where in the world your production may be watched or used.

    • pureMix-385x515


      Get the five most popular pureMix.net tutorials for FREE just for being an annual Pro Tools subscriber.

      Learn how to produce a beat using virtual instruments, record vocals with confidence, add EQ to make your vocals shine, compress tracks for loudness and dynamics, and dial in a radio-ready mix.


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