DECEMBER 8, 2021

What's New in MediaCentral 2021.11

MediaCentral 202111 Headers Desktop

As we head toward the end of the year, it’s time to begin to wind down, relax, put our feet up, and reflect on the year. Right?
Wrong. With MediaCentral, it’s time to accelerate. So, we’re delivering new workflows to help news and production teams work even closer and more efficiently than ever before. In the latest release, there’s an impressive range of innovative features that further enhance the industry’s most used and trusted workflow solution by the biggest broadcasters across the globe.

With seamless, open, and secure workflows from ingest to distribution that include newsroom, graphics, editing, storage, and playout, MediaCentral has the power to transform the way your organization works today and in the future.


Whats new in MediaCentral 2021-11


MediaCentral | Collaborate is the sharing hub for story-centric workflows, and allows your teams to see everything that everyone is working on and all that is being planned. 

We are all familiar with shared documents through online writing tools such as Google Docs or Office 365. In MediaCentral | Collaborate, your teams can now work this way as well. The new notes editor lets multiple people write in the same document at the same time, and even enables you to see who else has the document open, so you can watch the changes they make in real time. It’s the new way to write your script—together.

Planning is not the sole preserve of news though, is it? MediaCentral | Collaborate can track any kind of project from start through completion. And now, you can get notifications about the job that you’re doing.



Adobe Workflows

Adobe Premiere Pro has been integrated with MediaCentral for some time. And now, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects users can benefit too. The MediaCentral panel gives users the power to download images or videos to their system and upload finished work for anyone to use. Combined with task management and project tracking in MediaCentral | Collaborate, the complete process can be tracked at every stage.

MediaCentral 202111 Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro



The range of supported languages in the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web-based application is expanding. German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and more.

Business Process Modeller

Building efficient workflows to automate time consuming tasks is a key element of the flexibility  MediaCentral delivers. Need to visualize or amend a workflow? Now you can with the fully integrated HTML5 Business Process Modeller.


Strata Editing

No longer be limited by a single layer of metadata. Use Strata to define as many layers of information as you want for your assets and edit them in MediaCentral | Cloud UX.


These are just some of the highlights of the new release of MediaCentral. Check out these resources to find out more about the solution used in the most demanding of news and production workflows in the world.

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