Avid User Certifications: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where are the classes offered? Where can I take the training and exam?

Avid User Certification classes and certification exams are offered worldwide at Avid Learning Partner schools and training centers. Find an Avid Learning Partner.

How much does certification cost?

Course fees are set independently by Avid Learning Partners. Students are required to purchase a course book, which includes the cost of the course exam, and a single retake, if required. Additional retakes are chargeable.

Can I refer to study materials during the exam?

No. Students are not allowed to reference any documentation or study materials during the exam.

What is the format of the exam?

The exam is composed of 50 questions with 60 minutes allotted for completion.

Test items are presented in the following formats:

  • Multiple Choice: Select the single option that best answers the question
  • Illustration Review: Refer to the illustration (e.g. Avid product interface) prior to answering the multiple choice question
  • Illustration Response: Select the single image that best answers the question
For Expert-level certifications, an additional practical exam is required. The practical exam is a live demonstration of your skills, during which an Avid Certified Instructor trained in the proper grading process will observe you. You will be required to complete a range of tasks on a sample session that are graded on the successful completion of those tasks within the allotted amount of time, as well as the efficiency with which you work. Points may be awarded for the appropriate use of specific tools, techniques, and shortcuts; and points may be lost if a task is completed incorrectly and needs to be repeated.

What happens if I take the exam and do not pass?

Exam results are shown immediately when an exam is completed and submitted for evaluation. The following retake policy applies:

  • If a student does not pass an exam, the candidate may retake the exam after 24 hours have passed.
  • Once a student has passed an exam, it may not be taken again for that version of the Avid product.

What will I receive if I successfully pass the exam?

Along with pride and confidence of becoming part of an elite group of Avid Certified users, you will receive:

  • A digital badge and credentials that can be easily managed and shared in LinkedIn and other social media, and added to your personal marketing materials, resume, etc.
  • Entry in Avid’s online certification directory on our digital badging platform, accessible via Find a Certified Professional.
  • Official certificate of achievement available for printing or download
  • Access to Avid’s badging platform vendor, Credly and the additional benefits found there, such as employment listings related to your certification

How long is certification good for?

Your Avid user certification does not expire. You become certified for a particular version of Avid product software. You may find it beneficial to update your certification to the current version from time to time. Contact your local Avid Learning Partner for more information.

What happened to the “Avid Certified User” certifications?

The same certifications remain. They have been renamed to “Avid Certified | Specialist.”

What happened to the “Avid Certified Operator” certifications?

The same certifications remain. They have been renamed to “Avid Certified | Professional.”

If you have any other questions, please contact Avid Learning Services.

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