DECEMBER 18, 2023

Making the Media S4E06: Navigating the Media Maze

Making the Media S4E06 guest, Roberto Raponi

Leading media technologist, Roberto Raponi, discusses the challenges which cloud developments, the move to more software-based applications, and artificial intelligence are posing to the industry.

An industry veteran from the Italian Public Broadcaster, RAI, he says that this is an exciting time for the industry with a rapid pace of developments, but it is also impacting the skills required among the technical teams to address the challenges. Cloud workflows are a case in point.

Listen to Hear:

  • The skills needed to deliver new technologies and workflows
  • Why the cloud requires detailed planning and coordination
  • The importance of local, highly-skilled teams
  • What AI can offer the media industry

Our Guests This Episode

Roberto Raponi

Roberto is a broadcast industry veteran and workflow specialist. Working within RAI CTO-Technology department he advises their news and production areas on digital workflow, training, and project implementation. He oversees and provides technical support for suppliers and technology partners on RAI-Technology major projects. He is also responsible for assessing new trends and tools within the broadcast industry, gathering and analyzing products and solutions, and delivering proofs of concept within RAI and using them to identify new workflows.

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Who is in charge of managing the integration between the cloud provider? Who is in chargeof managing the troubleshootings or any relationships or any activations of some workflow or not?

Roberto Raponi, RAI

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