Today, anyone can create music at home, on their laptops, or on smartphones. But while low-cost recording tools have opened the gates to music creation and recording, it’s made it that much harder for professional and aspiring musicians, artists, engineers, mixers, songwriters, and producers to stand out from the crowd.

You need the best tools available to make your music come to life. That’s why nearly every top artist and audio professional uses Avid to create the most popular, most acclaimed albums, songs, and soundtracks.




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Mark Dillion on teaching Pro Tools

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Whether you’re in a professional setting, creating a home studio, or recording in your spare time, Avid has the creative solutions for your needs and budget.

  • Stand out from the pack with tools that enable you to create professional-sounding music
  • Save money and create music on your own with groundbreaking virtual instruments, effects, and loops
  • Collaborate with other artists, songwriters, and producers online with Avid Cloud Collaboration
  • Speed past technical limitations and create up to 768 audio and 512 instrument tracks
  • Save time and mix complex productions faster with top-of-the-line consoles that give you precision hands-on control
  • Streamline the recording process and free up your creativity with track comping, elastic audio, and mix automation
  • Integrate all of your needs in one place by composing and editing directly in Pro Tools, using full MIDI and notation tools, or Sibelius
  • Stick to your budget and create great sounding music quickly with free versions, monthly subscriptions, and compact recording hardware options

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Pro Tools | HDXで無償アップグレードを入手

現在TDMベースのPro Tools | HDシステムをご使用のお客様は、Pro Tools | HDXに移行することで、サウンドとスピードが飛躍的に向上し、しかも3年間のアップグレードが手に入ります


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Maroon 5: Pro Toolsとクラウド・コラボレーションを活用


CS_Greg Wells


[The sessions] 動作はスピーディーだし、音も抜群。トラックの再生中でもプラグインをすばやく操作できるのも魅力ですね




オーケストラからアーバン・ミュージックまで、ブライアン・テイラーのあらゆる制作プロセスを支えるPro Tools

主に使用するツールは何かと聞かれた場合、まず思い浮かぶのはピアノかギターですが、過去12年にわたり私の右腕として活躍しているのは、実はPro Toolsにほかなりません。

ブライアン・テイラー、ミュージシャン/作曲家(『アベンジャーズ/エイジ・オブ・ウルトロン』、『ワイルド・スピード SKY MISSION』、『マイティ・ソー/ダーク・ワールド』)