JUNE 20, 2022

TEEZIO: Why Choose Pro Tools for Music Collaboration – Avid


Years before multiplatinum recording and mixing engineer Patrizio Pigliapoco—famously known as TEEZIO—had a Number 1 record, two GRAMMY® nominations, and countless music collaborations, he was a teen with a dream of making music for a living.

“Around 2004–2005, I started getting into Pro Tools,” he recalls. “My dad took me to a music store, and we bought Pro Tools 7 M-Powered. I’ll never forget it—it was a red box—and I got home, and I didn't know how to install it. I had to go back to the music store to ask the owner if he could help me install it on the computer.”

So, why choose Pro Tools? With a successful career working with the likes of Chris Brown, Lil Nas X, H.E.R., Jack Harlow, Drake, The Kid LAROI, G-Eazy, Juicy J, and many other R&B and hip-hop heavyweights, TEEZIO has seen how much his choice of DAW has paid off in terms of creative opportunities and music collaboration.

“Pro Tools allows me to collaborate with every engineer on the planet,” he says. “It also allows me to record in any studio that I want to with any artist.”

And because projects can be completed all in one application, he can keep the creativity flowing and the vibe ongoing in the studio. “Pro Tools is my workflow and I use it to mix entire records, record entire records, and arrange, [as well as] help people produce. Pro Tools is everything.”

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