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Find creative inspiration every month as multiplatinum artist and Avid sound designer Matt Lange brings you a whole world of exclusive sounds with Pro Tools | Sonic Drop. This program delivers free samples and loops, as well as instrument presets, to all Pro Tools monthly and annual subscribers, and perpetual license holders on an active plan, at no additional cost.


Find creative inspiration every month as multiplatinum artist and Avid sound designer Matt Lange brings you a whole world of exclusive sounds with Pro Tools | Sonic Drop. This program delivers free samples and loops, as well as instrument presets, to all Pro Tools monthly and annual subscribers, and perpetual license holders on an active plan, at no additional cost.

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    • GrooveCell Spectral Particles

      GrooveCell Spectral Particles is a collection of 10 GrooveCell kits designed using granular and spectral resynthesis. Spectral Particles is designed to offer a unique and stylish addition to your drum library ranging from sounds between stretched and pulled apart to tight hifi percussion.

      Read the blog to get the details. 


    • Sub Growl

      Get all the grit, snarl, and fun of an iconic analog synth with Sub Growl—an exclusive expansion for Pro Tools | PlayCell. Read the blog to get the details.

    • Loopcloud Selects Vol. 1

      Loopcloud is one of the preeminent sample library companies in the field of audio content. Loopcloud Selects Vol. 1 provides a sampling of 100 loops taken directly from their highly respected catalog.

    • SynthCell Industries

      SynthCell Industries is a collection of 50 Industrial Music-themed presets for the Pro Tools | SynthCell virtual instrument. Inspired by genre defining Industrial artists, SynthCell Industries includes everything from abrasive basses, heart stopping drums, distorted leads, and desolate pads and might just take your gothy eyeliner clean off. Check out the blog and video to learn more.

    • Tea Time Breaks

      Tea Time Breaks brings you 50 loops created by the traditional 90's method of loading a break beat into a hardware sampler, programming a new rhythm by rearranging the hits of the break, and then slamming it through some nice outboard gear. Check out the blog and video to learn more.

    • Brutal Vegetables

      The technique of creating the perceived sounds of guts and gore in cinema has historically often been created by destroying fruits and vegetables in heinous ways. Brutal Vegetables gives you access to these types of sounds without the FBI showing up to your front door with a warrant. Check out the blog and video about this special Sonic Drop.

    • PurrCell

      Because our pathetic human hearing pales in comparison to that of our feline overlords, they in turn have different needs. Bestowed upon us from the great claw in the sky comes PurrCell. Nine instruments for nine lives. Purr Harder. Read the blog to learn more about this unique Sonic Drop.

    • ProSound Effects Cinematic Selects

      Cinematic Selects is a library of 100 FX created by Pro Sound Effects, a company renowned for their massive library of sound effects constantly used in film, TV, video games, and more. Cinematic Selects provides a sampling of their library consisting of everything from high quality impacts and stingers to ambiences and foley. Read the blog to learn more.

    • Pummeled Piano

      While known throughout history as an instrument of melody and harmony, the piano is actually classified as a percussive instrument due to its sound being generated by hammers hitting strings. Pummeled Piano takes a more literal interpretation of percussion, offering a collection percussive loops and cinematic sound FX generated by literally striking a piano in numerous and often cacophonous ways. Read the blog to learn more about the how this Sonic Drop was created.

    • Noise Engineering

      Noise Engineering have established themselves as a unicorn in the world of modular synthesizers with their forward-thinking vision of sound creation. No strangers to distortion and chaos, yet also capable of utter beauty, Noise Engineering create unique modules that beg to be explored.

    • Mike Avenaim Burnin' Breaks

      Mike Avenaim Burnin’ Breaks is a collection of vintage-sounding drum grooves from multiplatinum drummer, producer, and music director Mike Avenaim. Not only has he worked with such top artists as Lil Nas X, Bebe Rexha, and Scott Weiland, he’s produced and composed music for a variety of TV shows, feature films, and movie trailers too. These Burnin’ Breaks give you direct access to Mike’s in-demand sound to incorporate into your productions.

    • Elektron Syntakt Beats

      Elektron Syntakt is a true powerhouse of a drum machine, featuring 35 digital and analog synthesis algorithms—or, as Elektron calls them, “machines.” Its intricate sequencing and programming engine offers endless possibilities, and Elektron Syntakt Beats is a comprehensive library of loops and one-shots created with the instrument and has received the official stamp of approval from the team at Elektron.

    • Ultra 808s

      Ultra 808s is a collection of Roland TR-808*-style kicks and subs designed to shake a room. Instead of sampling the classic drum machine, Ultra 808s was created using modular synthesizers, analog synths, and modern drum machines processed through a collection of high-end outboard gear to give these 808s a unique and earthshaking flavor.

    • Pumpkins

      On a brisk October night, a crime was committed. Six pumpkins were later found to have been carved, torn apart, and brutally beaten with a sledgehammer and a baseball bat. (Un)Fortunately, the sounds of these horrific actions were recorded and now exist as a collection of loops and one-shots, enabling you to add some uncommon textures and unique percussive sounds to your productions.

    • Kitchen Kit

      Your mother may not have been so thrilled when you banged on pots and pans as a child, but you can’t deny it sounded great. Aside from pots and pans, you’ll find the sounds of other common kitchen objects, including a garlic press and a vegetable peeler, which were all sampled to create this one-of-a-kind library of metallic percussion.

    • Rob’s Basement Beats

      Rob’s Basement Beats is a collection of loops, fills, and one-shots recorded in the basement of Avid’s own Rob D’Amico. If you’re looking for the truly authentic sounds of a drummer playing in your band but with way better sound quality than the recordings you got on that 1984 boombox in the middle of the room—or are currently getting on your mobile phone—start here.

    • Eventide H90 Drums

      The Eventide H90 Harmonizer* is an incredible multi-effects processor with the highly respected signature sound Eventide is known for. While often used for guitar, here we used the H90 to process a ton of drums and loops—and we promise you nothing else out there sounds like these.

    • Isorhythm

      This collection of drum loops and one-shots are from Matt Lange’s personal homegrown library. As Matt puts it:

      “I’ve always been obsessed with sound design and always created my own drums with whatever I could get my hands on. This is a collection of some of my personal library, which has been used in so much of my own work. The sources vary from field recordings and modular synths to drum machines and more—always with a large amount of DSP after the fact to enhance the sound further. Enjoy!”

    * The soundsets included in Pro Tools | Sonic Drop are not connected with or approved or endorsed by the owners of the Eventide and Roland names. These names are used solely to identify the effects processors and sounds emulated by the various Sonic Drop sounds.

    Please note: All Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content is available to monthly and annual Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, Pro Tools Ultimate, Pro Tools Studio for Education, and Pro Tools Ultimate for Education subscribers, as well as Pro Tools perpetual license holders with an active Software Updates + Support Plan. All content to date can be downloaded through your Avid Account or Avid Link—as long as you are still eligible to do so—and is yours to keep in perpetuity. Please note that Pro Tools Intro users are not eligible to receive monthly Sonic Drop content.

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