FEBRUARY 5, 2024

Step 2 to Advance your Ingest and Playout Strategies

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Is SDI still fundamental to your business requirements and, if phasing out, what value will this change bring to the business?

To stick with SDI or not? And, if you hold on to SDI while moving to IP, what will the result be? These questions are being asked by media organizations large and small across the globe.

Assessing where SDI is still relevant to your business is the focus of this installment in our six-part ingest and playout blog series. The series covers steps to consider in a move to IP that includes identifying goals; what change management plan and training are needed; strategic partners who can help; and how to measure results. The blog offers an action plan corresponding to Avid Product Evangelist Craig Wilson’s white paper that details the future of ingest and playout, providing background and understanding of where the industry is headed.

A change from SDI to IP offers challenges and opportunities that are important to consider including what you already own, what workflows are best for you, and what your budget allows.

To help you move through the process of SDI to IP we’ve put together a few questions to think about and possible outcomes as a result of this change.

Is SDI still relevant?

SDI has been around a long time so organizations are comfortable with it. But SDI’s longevity is being challenged by the need to find better ways to meet increasing audience and content creation demands. The industry has been shifting to IP-based technology for its flexibility and scalability and this change is considered inevitable industrywide.

In the meantime, many media businesses are still using SDI even those who have already transitioned to IP workflows. This hybrid combination allows organizations to leverage existing equipment and investment within their budget constraints while transitioning to new technology at their own pace.

What’s your current infrastructure?

Evaluate existing equipment, cabling, and systems. What needs upgrading, replacement, or adaptation? Assess network capabilities and ensure they can handle the bandwidth requirements of IP-based workflows. Moving to IP can reduce reliance on dedicated hardware and physical connections. Instead, it promotes virtualization, allowing for more flexible configurations and reducing the need for extensive on-premises hardware. Are you able to easily adapt to emerging technologies? IP-based systems may allow for integration of innovation like cloud services, AI-driven analytics, and advanced data management.

Are your workflows working well?

Review current workflows. How is content created, managed, and distributed? Can IP technology enhance or change these workflows for efficiency and scalability? IP solutions allow for easier remote production setups and collaboration between different locations. This capability is especially valuable for distributed teams or when covering events in multiple locations.

Is IP in your budget?

Maintaining and expanding SDI infrastructure can be complex and pricey. A move from SDI to IP requires extensive changes in infrastructure, security measures, and staff training that can also be costly. However, there are savings in other areas. IP utilizes more agile and flexible internet technology environments that don’t require the same cabling, maintenance, and infrastructure as SDI.

So what makes sense for your organization? Stick with SDI, a hybrid combination of SDI and IP, or full IP?

Make the move to the future of ingest and playout. 

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Step 1 Set the goals

What are you trying to achieve through a move to IP-based technologies?

Start now 

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Step 3 Minimize problems

What is your change management and training plan to support staff and implement the change effectively?

Explore key steps

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Step 4 Confirm support

Have you identified strategic partners who can help you achieve your aims?

Find out more

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Step 5 Is it working?

How will this value be measured to ensure the benefits are being maximized?

See how

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Wondering whether to stick with SDI?

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