FEBRUARY 5, 2024

Step 1 to Advance your Ingest and Playout Strategies

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What are you trying to achieve through a move to IP-based technologies?

Considering making the move from SDI to IP-based technologies? Perhaps you’ve read our white paper by Avid Product Evangelist Craig Wilson that details the future of ingest and playout, providing background and understanding of where the industry is headed. Now, where to begin in considering a possible transition?

Our six-part blog series offers an action plan to help you get started that includes determining whether to retain SDI; what change management plan and training are needed; strategic partners who can help; and how to measure benefits from the change.

This blog post focuses on the first step: to evaluate your organization’s goals. Perhaps you want efficiency in creating more content faster, or you seek increased flexibility to adapt to changing audience demands. It’s important to be clear on what will ultimately be achieved through such a move.

The following are some objectives and benefits that can be realized through IP-based solutions, some of which can be realized through cloud or data center-based infrastructure.

Greater flexibility and integration

One of the biggest highlights of IP-based solutions is that they can give you the option to scale workflows as requirements of your organization change and grow, increasing or decreasing your usage. Investment cycles in fixed infrastructure can possibly become a thing of the past as more spending moves towards Op-Ex rather than Cap-Ex. This flexibility gives vital options if you need different channel counts for large scale environments, mixed codecs, and elasticity in production, maintaining seamless workflows and integrations, all crucial for the most efficient ways of working.

More efficient workflows

Are you looking to improve workflows to allow for more content creation and distribution, streamline collaboration, and meet changing technology needs more easily?

With the increasing use of IP (and the rise of standards such as SMPTE 2110, SRT and NDI), it is easier for more people to share content for distribution to more channels, online destinations and ultimately more viewers. IP-based solutions facilitate easier content distribution across platforms enabling audience reach through multiple channels and devices and interoperability between systems and devices. It becomes easier to integrate multiple tools, software, and hardware components. IP-based systems handle higher resolutions and bandwidth requirements more effectively, and transmission of content in formats like 4K and 8K. Better diagnostic tools and monitoring capabilities making it simple to identify and resolve issues promptly.

Remote reach

Do you want to boost collaboration among your team and have access to a bigger talent pool? Remote working and being able to hire talent anywhere can become easier with an IP-based infrastructure securely accessible from anywhere.

Futureproof your investment

You may be thinking about moving to IP-based technologies to futureproof your infrastructure through a framework that supports evolving technological advancements and industry standards. You can take advantage of a more open and standardized ecosystem, fostering innovation, and the development of new applications and services with a different approach to on-premise facility hardware costs, support, and maintenance. The nature of IP ingest and playout is inherently adaptable to meet not only current needs but new requirements in the future.

Moving from SDI to IP requires careful planning and investment to ensure a smooth transition, attain your aspirations, and maximize your investment. Start with identifying your goals and build from there.

Make the move to the future of ingest and playout. 

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Step 2 Is SDI still relevant?

What value will a move from SDI to IP bring to your business? 

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Step 3 Minimize problems

What is your change management and training plan to support staff and implement the change effectively?

Explore key steps

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Step 4 Confirm support

Have you identified strategic partners who can help you achieve your aims?

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Step 5 Is it working?

How will this value be measured to ensure the benefits are being maximized?

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What’s your goal in a move from SDI to IP?

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