FEBRUARY 5, 2024

Step 3 to Advance your Ingest and Playout Strategies

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What is your change management and training plan to support staff and implement the change effectively?

You’ve decided to transition from SDI to IP. It’s a big step and can impact your team in multiple ways. Having a plan makes for a better outcome and when it comes to technological change, even more so. Providing your team with the ingest and playout transition training and resources needed can make the difference in whether the change goes well or not.

This is the latest installment in our six-part ingest and playout blog series. The series covers steps to consider in a move to IP that includes identifying goals; strategic partners who can help; and how to measure results. The blog offers an action plan corresponding to Avid Product Evangelist Craig Wilson’s white paper that details the future of ingest and playout, providing background and understanding of where the industry is headed.

A change management plan can ensure that any adverse impacts of a move from SDI to IP solutions are minimal. The idea behind creating a change management is to anticipate problems, mitigate errors, address resistance, measure impact, and coordinate adoption so the transition is seamless for all users.

Here are some key steps to developing a change management plan:

  • Assessment and planning: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current SDI infrastructure, workflows, and scope of the transition to IP.
  • Set clear goals and objectives for the transition: Identify potential benefits from the change including scalability, flexibility, improved workflows, and potential cost savings.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Involve stakeholders from various departments in the planning process to gather diverse perspectives and ensure buy-in. Communicate the reasons behind the transition, benefits, and how it aligns with the organization’s long-term strategy.
  • Resource allocation: Allocate necessary resources, including budget, time, and personnel for the transition. This includes budgeting for new equipment, training, and potential downtime during the migration.
  • Training and skill development: Provide training and resources to upskill staff on IP technologies, networking concepts, new protocols, and troubleshooting in IP-based environments.
  • Testing: Conduct testing to validate the IP-based technologies, allowing for hands-on testing, identifying potential problems, and fine-tuning the setup before full deployment.
  • Communication: Develop a clear and consistent communication plan to keep employees informed at every stage of the transition including regular updates and open channels for feedback and questions.
  • Phased implementation: Rather than a sudden switch, plan a phased implementation approach. Start with smaller, less critical workflows before scaling up to larger operations.
  • Risk management: Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies including contingency plans for unexpected technical issues, downtime, or disruption to production.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with partners and vendors to ensure compatibility, support, and smooth integration of new IP-based equipment into existing workflows.
  • Monitor and evaluate: Continuously review the transition, gather feedback, and evaluate the effectiveness of the new IP infrastructure. Measure success against predefined goals.
  • Post-transition support: Provide ongoing support to address any issues, offer additional training if needed.
  • Lessons learned: Document the transition process, best practices, and create resources for future reference.

Proper preparation for a change from SDI to IP-based technologies can go a long way in achieving a successful outcome that is sustainable, embraced by all, and benefits the organization as well as the team.

Give your team the training needed to ensure success in an ingest and playout transition from SDI to IP.

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Step 1 Set the goals

What are you trying to achieve through a move to IP-based technologies?

Start now 

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Step 2 Is SDI still relevant?

What value will a move from SDI to IP bring to your business? 

Move forward

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Step 4 Confirm support

Have you identified strategic partners who can help you achieve your aims?

Find out more

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Step 5 Is it working?

How will this value be measured to ensure the benefits are being maximized?

See how

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Make the move to the future of ingest & playout.

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