JULY 28, 2023

VENUE 7.2 adds powerful new routing capabilities to S6L systems.

Screenshot of VENUE 7.2 Routing

What if you could route audio from any source in the system to an input channel?

Avid VENUE 7.2 allows the user to patch any source from any pickoff point in the system to any input channel with full Automatic Delay Compensation.

It gives the Avid VENUE | S6L nearly unlimited patching possibilities for ultimate routing flexibility.



Any input channel can be routed directly to another input channel from six different pickoff points:

  • Top of channel allows you to get the signal at the raw source—straight from the analog mic pre. It is the exact same level that gets recorded to Pro Tools for Virtual Soundcheck.
  • The True Gain pickoff point respects the engineer’s unique gain structure and channel gain parameter regardless of being in a master or slave scenario when sharing the mic pre across multiple systems. to "In I/O sharing scenarios where the engineer does not own the analog mic pre, the True Gain pickoff guarantees seamless real-time true gain compensation if the analog gain stage changes.
  • Pre-EQ, Insert Return, Pre-Fader Post-Mute, and Post Fader allow you to choose which level of processing is applied for the duplicated input. For example, maybe you are mixing FOH and monitors from the same system and want the vocals processed differently between what you send to the PA and what is being sent to broadcast or IEMs.



All busses can be sent directly back to input channels from three pickoff points:

  • Pre-Fader Pre-Mute
  • Post-Fader
  • Bottom of Group

The Bottom of Group pickoff point now includes the bus channel delay. This is particularly useful for scenarios that need delay applied to mixes or stems. For example, when aligning sound to video for live streaming or broadcast monitoring.

On top of these internal processing paths, you also have direct access to any ‘physical’ source on the system, such as stage and local inputs, as well as any MADI-192 or MILAN-192 option card sources.

And yes… all of the above is also available as a side-chain key source and side-chain pickoff point.

Bring group or stem mixes back to multiple input channels, apply processing tailored to the needs of the destination without any compromise before sending to the PA, IEMs or wedges, comms, broadcast, live video, and audio recording, recording stems etc...

VENUE 7.2 removes the need for hacks and workarounds to get audio where you need it with ease.

One of the cool ways we use output to input is that we will often duplicate an input channel, with one version going to FOH and one version going to surround. Usually, we do a post insert direct out from the FOH channel, via a plugin, back into the Surround channel (so you automatically get all the processing on both channels). Now we can do this more elegantly without the wasted plugin slot.

Gareth Owen, Olivier and Tony award-winning theatre sound designer

All of these new patching possibilities allow you to speed up and simplify your signal flows, whilst allowing scenarios you previously could only dream of doing.


VENUE 7.2 software is now available for all customers with an S6L control surface product on an active Support Plan. If you need to renew your S6L Support Plan, please contact your VENUE reseller.

  • Chris Lambrechts

    Chris Lambrechts is an applications specialist for Avid Live Sound. As a sound engineer, he has had the privilege to work with artists like Snow Patrol, Sugababes, and more.

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