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Choose the feature set needed to fulfill your organization’s workflow requirements, with the flexibility of subscription. Build from the base up, picking the add-on packages that best match your needs.

Base production system


For broadcast and post-production environments, the Base package provides your team with MediaCentral | Production Management software for 10 or more users on your platform.


To enhance workflow capabilities, choose from the following add-on packages:


  • Media Services add-on package provides the capability to copy, move, and transfer media
  • Newsroom add-on package provides all the tools you need for newsroom production, including rundown management, story centric working, agency wire integration, and more
  • Ingest add-on package to control the ingest of file-based media, SDI sources or IP contribution
  • Asset Management add-on package providing orchestration and archive management tools
  • Sync add-on for media and metadata backup


To provide even greater capabilities, add additional packages such as: archive, integrated social media publishing, multisite, and studio automation. Connect to third party newsroom systems and the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.



Base newsroom system (MediaCentral | Newsroom or iNEWS)


For newsrooms big and small, the Newsroom base package provides teams with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management for 10 or more users.



Base asset management system


For integrated management of finished media, the Asset Management base package provides MediaCentral | Asset Management software backend for 10 or more users.



Select Modules, Apps, and Options

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