Boost your brand, beat the competition, and expand your monetization opportunities through digital journalism. With MediaCentral | Publisher, a cloud-deployed service powered by Wildmoka, you can be the first to publish breaking news and sports highlights across multiple digital platforms with a single click. All transcoding, content staging, and publishing is handled automatically, enabling you to spend more time creating high-value content that drives traffic and revenue.

Be first to publish

When breaking news and key sports plays happen, being able to deliver that crucial footage to viewers quickly—wherever they are—is critical to driving traffic to your digital properties and maximizing revenue. MediaCentral | Publisher is an app for MediaCentral that expedites the process, enabling you to create and distribute content quickly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media and OTT platforms in one fell swoop, as well as to your website through your CMS. Get the scoop first, go viral, and increase your content views and shares with an easy-to use app that speeds delivery.
Be first to publish

Leverage the power of an integrated platform

As a story or game unfolds and new footage becomes available in your studio and through user-shared video on social media, you can leverage MediaCentral to find, monitor, filter, access, adapt, and distribute relevant content immediately across your digital channels. Without leaving the interface. The app also offers direct connection to a variety of CMS, OVP, and social media networks, providing a highly efficient and seamless workflow.
Leverage the power

Turn views into revenue and ratings

With a portfolio of content monetization tools at your fingertips, you can maximize the value of your media across multiple channels and drive traffic to your digital properties, mobile app, and TV broadcast to increase viewer numbers. From adding sponsor branding and call-to-action prompts to increase revenue streams and audience engagement, to inserting pre-roll, mid-roll, and/or post-roll video advertising, the process is easy. The possibilities—endless.
Turn views

Empower collaboration while safeguarding your business

Connect your broadcast, web, and social media teams with a simple yet effective solution that enables everyone to leverage, edit, and share high-value content to audiences near-instantly. Plus, the predefined templates help ensure that only appropriate content gets published when certain demographics (such as viewer age) and geo restrictions must be respected across different channels.
Empower collaboration
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