SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

Avid AI features are woven into Avid solutions

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If you believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that only recently emerged in the consciousness of the creative media technology world, then perhaps you might reconsider.

While there is no doubt that recent developments with Chat GPT-3, Midjourney, DALL-E and the rest have spiked the interest of the whole community about the possibilities they may offer, did you know that AI has been part of Avid products in various forms for more than ten years?

From the use of AI with Media Composer in capabilities such as PhraseFind and ScriptSync, to our inclusion of Cloud-based cognitive services such as facial detection, automated transcription and more within MediaCentral | Asset Management, Avid AI features have not just been part of our products, but also a significant area of ongoing research and development for some time.

Now it feels that we are on the cusp of a new era, where the use of AI appears both exciting and scary at the same time. So, what are the facts, and where to go to find out more?

The Avid podcast series, Making the Media, first discussed the use of AI in journalism back in series one in 2021 in this episode, All Things AI, with AI researcher Felix Simon. Reflecting on this now, it is interesting to see how things have taken shape since, studied recently in a new episode on the topic, AI – Threat or Opportunity? with Charlie Beckett, who heads up the AI Journalism Project at the LSE in London. Why not take a listen to find out Charlie’s thoughts on how AI may enhance the work of the journalist in the future?

Making of the Media Podcast

We mentioned that Avid has been interested in this space for more than ten years, and a variety of ongoing developments are in the works. Our Vice President of Architecture and Technology, Shailendra Mathur, and our Engineering Fellow and AI enthusiast Rob Gonsalves, have recently been interviewed to share their thoughts on the subject.

Over the course of two very detailed Q and A sessions, they outline what Avid has been doing, specifically calling out the work of the Avid Research and Advanced Development Lab (known as the RADLab).

The first session discusses Avid and the Future of AI and the second focuses on the how the RADLab is exploring Emerging Tech Uses.

It is undoubtedly an exciting and rapidly developing time, with lots more development still to come.

Find out more about Avid’s AI innovations
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    Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Media and Cloud Product Evangelist and host of the Making the Media podcast.

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