Sibelius for Mobile

The Sibelius iPad app offers three tiers of functionality, enabling you to scale the app for your music composing and notation needs:

  • Sibelius | First—This is the default free version when you first launch the app for composing simple scores with up to 4 instrument parts/staves
  • Sibelius—This version offers additional functionality to support simple/moderate music composition with up to 16 staves and is available as a monthly subscription or free with Sibelius desktop software
  • Sibelius | Ultimate—This version offers the highest level of functionality for composing, arranging, and publishing scores and parts of any size and complexity and is available as a monthly subscription or free with Sibelius | Ultimate desktop software

How to unlock your equivalent Sibelius tier in the mobile app

If you have a current Sibelius or Sibelius | Ultimate software subscription, or own a perpetual license with an active Software Updates + Support Plan, simply log into your MyAvid account from within the mobile app to unlock the equivalent tier of functionality at no cost. For example, if you’re a current Sibelius | Ultimate for desktop subscriber, log into your MyAvid account from the mobile app to unlock its Sibelius | Ultimate functionality for free.

MyAvid login

Please note that Sibelius multi-seat licenses cannot unlock an equivalent version of Sibelius on iPad at this time.

Don’t have a Sibelius software subscription or perpetual support contract?

If you aren’t on an active subscription or support contract, you have several options:

  • Continue to use the app at its default Sibelius | First tier for free (you can download the Sibelius | First desktop software too—it’s also free—to complement your experience)
  • Upgrade to Sibelius or Sibelius | Ultimate from within the app to unlock additional functionality
  • Purchase a Sibelius subscription or perpetual license from Avid or your favorite reseller to get the power of the full cross-platform solution (includes both Sibelius desktop and mobile)

Want to try the full Sibelius experience on desktop free for 30 days?

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