How To Apply

Avid welcomes applications from all organizations interested in creating products that are integrated with the Avid MediaCentral Platform for certification and resale directly or digitally through the Avid Sales Network.

Interested candidates may submit proposals to [email protected] briefly describing their organization, relevant capabilities, and summary descriptions of the solutions that might form the basis of a partnership with Avid.

The Alliance Partner Program makes its support, marketing and sales services available by invitation and in exchange for certain program fees and for a share of the revenues resulting from resale. Avid begins the process by vetting prospective partners and categorizing them based on their anticipated impact to our business. Some of the vetting considerations include potential revenue contribution, company and product reputation, overall market dynamics, fit within Avid workflows and success in past collaborations with Avid.

Upon completing the vetting process, Avid may grant successful applicants access to the Alliance Partner Program, doing so within certain partnership categories, each with its own available range of resources and services. Those successful in the vetting process are invited to sit for the Alliance Partner Qualification exam which confirms expertise with the offerings and rules of the Alliance Partner program and initiates the Alliance Partner Agreement and Certification process.


Let us hear from you! Please send your proposal to [email protected] making sure to include the following information:

    Your name, title and contact information
  • Executive summary, including brief commentary on expected mutual benefits offered by the Alliance Partner program
  • Schedule of proposed products for inclusion with retail pricing
  • Weblinks to corporate web site and related products
  • Overview of past experience with Avid customer base
  • Description of prior collaborations with Avid and participation in developer programs, where applicable
  • Narrative on market size and revenue potential for solutions proposed for program
  • Overview of your testing and customer support capabilities
  • Any additional data you wish to add, or questions you have for the Alliance Partner Team
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