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Follow these steps to join the Avid Alliance Partner Program:

Explore toolkits

Avid offers a large and growing collection of Toolkits to help developers build solutions for media production and connect them to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. These Toolkits are available for free evaluation through the Avid Connectivity Program. Strategic Alliance Partners are offered access to a set of exclusive Toolkits that open the door to further differentiation.

Avid have been with us every step of the way, designing a one-stop shop for all of their Toolkits that makes it easy for NUGEN to have the latest of everything and to discover new opportunities to connect. The whole idea shows Avid’s commitment to its partners and huge promise for continued growth.

Simon Kerr, CMO
NUGEN Audio, Ltd.


Developers interested in exploring the Toolkits available in the Connectivity Marketplace may sign an online evaluation agreement to gain access to all of the Toolkits for free download and review. Those who seek to take advantage of Avid’s direct and digital routes to market may be selected by Avid to become Alliance Partners.

The Connectivity Program has given us unprecedented product and user insights across audio post, music and video. Registering as an Alliance Partner is easy and the Avid Team are responsive, supportive and fun to work with. Together we are creating a true win-win!

Douglas Price, CEO
Pro Sound Effects, Ltd

Become an Avid certified developer

Alliance Partners are required to become certified in the use of the Toolkits used to create their solutions and connect them to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. The Avid Certified Developer designation allows professionals to demonstrate their expertise with Avid Toolkits and to market their services to others who seek development assistance.

As a certified Toolkit Developer for Avid MediaCentral and an Avid Alliance Partner, we always look forward to showing our differentiated products, celebrating the success of mutual clients and deepening our relationships at Avid Connect and throughout the year.

Andreas Jacobi, CEO

Develop a solution

Using a combination of Toolkits, documentation, support forums and direct assistance from Avid, developers can prepare and test their solutions to ensure robust connectivity to the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Using a combination of Toolkits, documentation, support forums and direct assistance from Avid, developers can prepare and test their solutions to ensure robust connectivity to the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

David Gould, Director, Content Solutions
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Submit product for certification

Alliance Partners are invited to present solutions that are candidates for certification. We ask Alliance Partners to share data with us about their functionality and the nature of their connectivity to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Avid then works to determine the level and scope of testing required. Successfully certified solutions are cleared for onboarding.

It’s clear and easy to get all the information about our products submitted in a structured manner. The Marketplace system allows for a great degree of information to be uploaded quickly and to for us to highlight issues, features and benefits.

Hugo Zerecero, Digital Marketing Associate


Avid prepares certified solutions for market through a pricing, logistics and sales enablement process comparable to that used for Avid’s own products. By cooperating with Alliance Partners to develop training media and materials customized for the Avid community, we make sure that certified solutions are easy to discover and purchase through Avid Marketplace and the Avid Sales Network.

When Avid selected and onboarded SGL as an Avid Alliance Partner, the process flowed smoothly, with Avid keeping us in the loop throughout. We’re were proud to take this important step to further grow a relationship that has been essential for many years.

Douglas Wynn, VP Sales, Americas

Co-promote and sell

Working closely with our Alliance Partners, Avid deploys a full range of co-marketing services to convey the power and uniqueness of each certified solution to our growing customer base. Through a powerful online marketplace and a global sales network operating in more than 140 countries, Avid provides a single point of purchase offering front line support and the peace of mind that comes from solution certification and proven reliability of operation on the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Collaborating with Avid through the Alliance Partner Program has been an extremely positive experience for us at It has allowed us to achieve a unique technical integration with MediaCentral, and has given us access to Avid's global sales teams, opening up many new opportunities for us. The annual ACA event alone has given us a worldwide exposure we would have found it hard to achieve otherwise.

Andreas Pomgratz, CEO


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