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Expand your media production team’s creative possibilities, including the use of AI, whether they are working under deadlines on a documentary or on a series for streamers. Work efficiently, manage media, and collaborate in new ways.

Creative solutions for creative people

Go beyond and extend post-production capabilities outside the edit suite. Collaborate with team members anywhere. Track projects from creation to completion with new customizable workflow options.
MediaCentral Cloud UX

Edit the way YOU want.

Streamline workflows and craft shows with easy access to the media you need directly in the craft editor of choice such as Media Composer with new AI empowered capabilities.

Streamline project prep

Power production teams with web-based tools which jumpstart the creative process and free editors to make their magic.
Prep your media and create string outs, sub clip interviews and record temp VOs.

Do more, stress less

Integrate AI services and orchestrate complex media processes to automate the boring stuff, so teams can start working immediately and focus on delivering the best shows.
MediaCentral Orchestrate

Customize collaborative editing workflows

Tailor the toolset, enable remote workflows, expand collaboration beyond the editing team, and control access to secure the production.
MediaCentral Multicam

Review and approve 

MediaCentral makes it easy to review and approve content from Media Composer or Adobe Premiere video editors.
MediaCentral Cloud Review and Approve
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Avid MediaCentral is the media production platform which is powering newsrooms and content creators throughout the world.
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