Avid Premium Cloud Plans


Need more cloud space to collaborate on bigger Pro Tools projects or share more Sibelius scores? Our affordable Avid Premium Cloud Plans cover both Pro Tools and Sibelius, providing the extra storage space and security you need to promote your creativity while protecting your valuable work.

While all versions of Pro Tools and Sibelius—including the free “First” versions—come with 1 GB of complimentary cloud storage, here’s what more you can do with an Avid Premium Cloud Plan, whether you’re using it for Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration, Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, or both.

Expand Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration

  • Work on more and bigger projects
    Increase your storage space to house more audio files and collaborate on a full album or complex soundtrack.
  • Gain new Pro Tools | First capabilities
    Don’t wait to be invited. Get the ability to invite others to collaborate on your projects and save projects on any local drive.

Expand Sibelius | Cloud Sharing

  • Share more scores
    Got Sibelius or Sibelius | First? Go beyond the 20- or 10-score limit and share as many scores as you’d like—as many that fit within your chosen space.
  • Access more of your work anywhere
    Get the space you need to house all of your compositions in the cloud, enabling you to share multiple revisions, parts, and other score variations.



10 GB

$4.99* USD/month


30 GB

$9.99* USD/month


80 GB

$24.99* USD/month

Buy now

* Or get two months free when paid annually.

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