Avid DAW Control Surfaces

Whether you make music or create sound for picture, Avid control surfaces give you unmatched hands-on control of Pro Tools and other audio and video software*, enabling you to record, edit, and mix dramatically faster and more intuitively than using a keyboard and mouse alone. Powered by EUCON technology, which delivers the most tightly integrated hardware/software workflows in the industry, you get deep and precise control of your tracks, sends, plugin settings, automation, VCAs, and more with a choice of control surfaces for every need and budget.


Avid Control

Take touch control of your recording, editing, and mixing functions using your iOS, iPadOS, Android, or Fire OS device with this free app.
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Avid Dock

Navigate projects and complete editing and mixing tasks fast with a compact surface that works in concert with your mobile device.
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Avid S1

Get the efficiency, rich visual feedback, and software integration of a high-end console in a slimline and extendable 8-fader surface.
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Avid S4

Get the mixing power of the industry-standard Avid S6 in a more compact yet scalable surface for smaller studios and budget-conscious pros.
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Avid S6

Experience the most intuitive and immersive workflows with a modular surface that provides superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control.
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* Avid control surfaces work with any EUCON-enabled software, including Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic Pro, Premiere Pro, Digital Performer, Pyramix, DADman, Samplitude, Nuendo, Audition, and more

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