Collaborate and access assignments, projects, assets, tasks, and other resources—anytime, anywhere. It’s all possible when you move production to the cloud. And Avid can take you there with ease. With workflow solutions that tightly integrate in the cloud, teams can create and deliver content from anywhere with the same speed, ease, and workflows as if they were at the facility.

Here’s why top broadcasters and media enterprises are making the move with Avid.

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Transition to the cloud with ease

No need for teams to change workflows or learn new ones. Your existing MediaCentral systems and Avid NEXIS storage can be deployed as a cloud solution, making the transition easy. Or create a hybrid environment by deploying a new MediaCentral subscription in the cloud, enabling work-from-anywhere media production for online and social platforms while maintaining your broadcast operations on-premises.

Work from anywhere with familiar tools

With all MediaCentral tools and Avid NEXIS storage available in the cloud, all team members need is a computer or mobile device and the Internet to search, preview, ingest, edit, and publish media. Dozens of users can connect simultaneously. And like working on-premises, editors have a choice of using MediaCentral, Media Composer, or Adobe Premiere Pro when connected to cloud storage.
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Produce and publish more content quickly

With centralized shared storage and all production handled in the cloud, including media ingest and live multi-feed capture over IP, there’s no waiting for media to be delivered or for teams to get to or back from an event. Editors can start working on material as soon as the media comes in, enabling ultra-fast content turnaround that can be tailored for and delivered to multiple digital outlets with a single click.

Bring in top talent from anywhere

Because producers, directors, editors, and other staff no longer need to be physically tied to your newsroom, studio, or event location, a cloud solution lets you expand your talent pool globally. Improve the quality of your content by leveraging talent who possess the skills you seek—no matter their location. Plus, individuals can work on multiple shows on any given day, enabling better efficiency.
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Gain flexibility while lowering costs

As projects and opportunities ebb and flow and business priorities change, the cloud gives you the freedom to adapt to changes quickly. Scale resources and add new capabilities as needed. Plus, get a better return on investment, as the total cost of ownership of a cloud-based system is lower than deploying and maintaining an on-premises system.

Benefits of enabling media production with a cloud-based system


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