Avid Virtual Instruments

All Pro Tools subscriptions and perpetual licenses come with the full collection of powerful virtual instruments, providing all the sounds you need to create everything from simple beats and beautiful piano performances to retro grooves, sweeping orchestral movements, and world music. Here are the instruments you can explore and tweak to create something familiar or truly unique.


Pro Tools | PlayCell

Find and play the perfect sound for any genre of music with this easy-to-use sample playback instrument. Get started with an extensive library of high-quality sampled instruments, with more coming regularly through Sonic Drop.
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Pro Tools | GrooveCell

Create beats and grooves fast with this powerful yet easy-to-use drum machine. Layer and trigger samples from its 16 pads. Build up patterns with the 32-step sequencer. And fine-tune your kit with built-in effects.
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Pro Tools | SynthCell

Create everything from old-school synth lines to one-of-a-kind sounds with this modern virtual synth with an analog heart. Get started fast with presets, then tweak endlessly with oscillators, filters, effects, and other controls.
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Create beats and rhythms with this virtual drum machine and sequencer that features 10 different classic electronic drum kits and 50+ presets.
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Mini Grand

Get the sounds of seven different acoustic pianos, with dynamic response control and realistic string resonance and room simulations.


Play, layer, and shape hundreds of instrument sounds—from popular to orchestral and world—with this multitimbral workstation.


Bring the retro sounds of the Hammond B3 tonewheel organ to your sessions—complete with rotating speaker and 120 presets.
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Structure Free

Play and tweak samples from your Structure, Kontakt, EXS, and SampleCell libraries with this sample player, which includes a 600 MB library.


Re-create the monophonic sounds of vintage vacuum tube synthesizers to add a warm and authentic retro vibe to your music.
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