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The demand for video content has skyrocketed. And that means the need for audio post production is greater than ever. In order to seize these opportunities, you need the best audio tools money can buy. Avid solutions give you exactly what you need in one integrated environment.

Audio Post Production Customer Story

Customer Story

Pinewood Studios has been home to James Bond, Star Wars, and countless classics—and now Avid S6. Find out why
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Audio Post Production Video


Get tips and strategies for navigating, managing, and automating Avid S4/S6 mixes—watch Coffee & Consoles
Audio Post Production Post Jonathan Wales

Customer Story

Re-recording mixer Jonathan Wales dives deep into why the Hybrid Engine for HDX is “mind-blowing”—get his story
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  • Overcome inefficiency by recording, editing, and mixing easily with Pro Tools and Avid integrated control surfaces
  • Beat the time crunch by launching high-res video right in Pro Tools and syncing Media Composer sequences with your session
  • Manage massive volumes of media efficiently with Folder Tracks and powerful DSP systems and control surfaces
  • Adapt quickly to ever-changing needs with custom mixing surface layouts and window configurations
  • Find voiceover talent and other creatives to collaborate with using the free Avid Link app
  • Create immersive multichannel surround mixes, from stereo on up to Dolby Atmos and full-sphere Ambisonics
  • Get the flexibility you need to manipulate all kinds of recorded sound using plugins, elastic audio, Clip Effects, fades, and more
  • Accelerate complex tasks with advanced automation, snapshot recall, and precision hands-on control
  • Streamline disconnected workflows by sharing media and collaborating with your team remotely
  • Get started with designing sound for picture with Pro Tools Intro—a FREE version of Pro Tools

Audio Post Production Hardware

Professional DSP-accelerated hardware systems and audio interfaces

  • Pro Tools | MTRX II
    Pro Tools | MTRX II

    Get pristine sound and extensive monitoring/routing in the most versatile Pro Tools audio interface

  • Pro Tools | HDX
    Pro Tools | HDX

    Take on the biggest audio productions with a hardware-accelerated HD system

Audio Post Production Software

Music production software for aspiring artists and professionals

Avid Link

Social solutions for connecting and collaborating with the creative community

  • Avid Link
    Avid Link

    Avid Link is a free social community app to find, connect, and collaborate with other artists, musicians, and video and media pros to expand your creative opportunities. Join now to set up your profile, promote your work, invite others to collaborate, chat in the forums, and get discovered.

Control Surfaces for Post Production

Recording, editing, and mixing solutions for hands-on control of audio and video software and systems

  • Avid Dock
    Avid Dock

    Get touchscreen and tactile DAW control with a compact iPad-integrated surface

  • Avid S1
    Avid S1

    Accelerate mixing with a slimline control surface for music, audio post, and video projects

  • Avid S4 - Mixing Console for Music and Audio Post
    Avid S4 - Mixing Console for Music and Audio Post

    Hands-on DAW control to mix music, sound, and in Dolby Atmos.

  • Avid S6
    Avid S6

    Get advanced mixing workflows and the tightest Pro Tools integration with a modular control surface

  • Avid Control
    Avid Control

    Mix wirelessly with your mobile device

Storage for Post Production

Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows

  • Avid NEXIS
    Avid NEXIS

    Get real-time media production and collaboration with workflow-optimized tiered storage

Video Editing

Professional video editing software and hardware

  • Media Composer
    Media Composer

    Create better stories faster with video editing and finishing software for independent editors and moviemakers

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