In the studio or on location, Avid and MediaCentral sports solutions team up to give you the technology, efficiency, creativity, and protection you need to keep your fans cheering.

From MediaCentral | Production Management, to real-time graphics and video playout with Maestro | Live, Avid enables you to get your game on and engage fans, whether they’re following the action on the jumbotron at the stadium, their TV or computer at home, or their mobile device wherever they roam.




Discover how Iceland's RÚV adds storytelling value with Avid


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The smartest play in live sports


Sports Production Solutions Rio_600x300

Managing massive volumes of media at the Olympics in Rio

Meeting the challenge

Produce entertaining and enlightening sports shows in the studio and replay exciting video highlights and moments at the game with Avid’s industry-leading tools.

  • Present captivating and meaningful content that relates to every second of the action
  • Keep up with increasing content demands using integrated video and audio tools that streamline your workflow
  • Generate revenue to offset escalating production costs by inserting virtual ads that can be tied to the field or displayed standalone
  • Overcome scattered viewership and capture audiences across all platforms with instantaneous on-air, online, and on mobile publishing
  • Hold viewer attention and capitalize on all the excitement with engaging 2D and 3D graphics and high-quality slow-motion replays
  • Engage fans by quickly accessing relevant clips with our secure, software-defined storage solutions
  • Get the most from your investment and easily leverage your content for scoreboard highlights, commercials, web video, live streaming, and more
  • Produce and edit content remotely, making it easy to create at away games and training sites

How it works


Integrated hardware & software

Asset Management

Systeme und Optionen zum Organisieren, Verfolgen und Maximieren des Nutzens von Medien


Umfassende Tools für die Erstellung und Verbesserung von Präsentationen bei der Ausstrahlung und im Studio


Mehrkanal-Videoserver zum Bereitstellen einer Ingest-zu-Playback-Verarbeitung in Beinahe-Echtzeit

MediaCentral Platform

Beschleunigen Sie Workflows und Medienzugriff mithilfe einer Sammlung von Workflow-Modulen, Apps, Services und Panels in einer einzigen Benutzeroberfläche.


Professionelle Medienproduktions- und Automatisierungstools für Nachrichtenjournalisten und -produzenten


Zentral- und Nearline-Speichersysteme für Audio- und Video-Workflows, die sich in der Branche bewährt haben

Video (NLE)

Software und Hardware für professionelle Videobearbeitung


Lösungspakete für lokale und regionale Sendeanstalten

Branchenführende Workflow-Lösungen für Sendeanstalten mit kosteneinsparenden Paketen

Mehr Infos

FastServe Bundles

Enhance news, sports, and other live broadcasts and be the first to air with cost-effective bundles

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Maestro | Virtual Set Bundles

Get everything you need to produce and present stunning, immersive 3D virtual studio sets to engage viewers and enhance your storytelling

Get the details

Maestro | AR Bundles

Captivate and enlighten viewers by integrating 3D virtual objects, immersive graphics, and animation in your studio

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Maestro | PowerWall Studio Display Bundles

Control and manage high-res video wall content with cost-effective bundles

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Raycom Sports Teams Up with Avid to Deliver a Multi-faceted Fan Experience

The speed and efficiency of Avid allows people to get more done. You can just do more with all these new tools. When you have enough space, more search capabilities, and a reliable index it makes it possible for your editors to do more.


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SKY Perfect JSAT: Building a world-class 4K HDR sports service

A system designed for a post-HDCAM world.


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RÚV and Avid Develop Seamless Live Production Workflow

…we have been working with Avid for almost 20 years now. I think there is a reason we are still with Avid. It’s because it works and they are always introducing new solutions.


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