Pro Tools is the most widely used and loved tool for creating Atmos mixes, providing you with everything you need to mix and render immersive content—including mixing binaurally on headphones. The new integrated Dolby Atmos renderer is included free in Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate and improves the efficiency of immersive mixing workflows with simplified setup, mixing, and monitoring.

You can now render and monitor Dolby Atmos mixes within Pro Tools without having to roundtrip to an external renderer. A new window provides comprehensive visualization of your Atmos mix from various perspectives and enables you to quickly switch between multi-speaker and binaural headphone monitoring. And a new I/O Setup tab simplifies the configuration of beds, objects, groups, trim, and downmix settings and saves them as part of your session for easy recall. For customers mixing Atmos for larger cinematic workflows, needing to monitor additional speaker configurations, or use the Dolby Atmos Music Panner plugin, Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate still support the external Dolby Atmos renderer application.

Enhance your workflow...

Get more production power

Built to maximize Pro Tools performance, Pro Tools | HDX delivers unmatched DSP acceleration and scalability to handle the largest music mixes. With deeply integrated hardware and software, together they forge the most powerful and creative music recording system in the world.
MTRX and Carbon Atmos interfaces (1)

Immerse yourself in sound

You can monitor Dolby Atmos mixes with headphones binaurally, but to monitor with speakers, you’ll need at least 12 dedicated outputs. Pro Tools | MTRX II and MTRX Studio go above and beyond, combining I/O, routing, and monitor control with speaker tuning all in a single interface. Additionally, the Pro Tools | Carbon interface supports 5.1 and 7.1 monitoring for Dolby Atmos.

Gain precision hands-on control

Deep Pro Tools integration. Powerful VCA control. Dual touch-sensitive joysticks. Avid S6 and S4 provide the most comprehensive Dolby Atmos workflows for the greatest mixing efficiency. Need a more budget-friendly solution? Avid S1 with the free Avid Control mobile app supports immersive mixing in a slimline surface.

Distribute your music mixes

Give fans a whole new way to connect with your music through an immersive listening experience—as if they’ve stepped right into your song. Distribute your Dolby Atmos Music on Apple Music, TIDAL HiFi, Amazon Music Unlimited, and many more global streaming services with AvidPlay and keep 100% of your rights and earnings.


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