MARCH 20, 2024

Introducing Avid Huddle: Collaborative Video Review Software

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Introducing Avid Huddle—the ultimate video review and collaboration software solution for creative teams

Is your team struggling to securely share high-quality video for review with remote collaborators? You may have tried using traditional collaboration apps, but found that the playback performance and quality weren’t sufficient. Plus obtaining feedback, refining content, getting stakeholder approval, all under tight deadline? Now there’s a better, easier, faster, cost-effective way. It’s called Avid Huddle, a powerful new video review and collaboration software that simplifies workflows and improves productivity for creative teams working from anywhere.

Let’s set the stage...

As a remote team member, have you had to download the latest cut or try to view it in low quality, and then provide feedback by jotting down timecodes and notes as you’re reviewing the content and emailing them to the editor? And for editors, how about taking all those notes from multiple stakeholders at multiple times, and potentially multiple rounds of review and feedback, and “fixing it in post”?

It can be a time-consuming, error-prone, and often cumbersome process. Each of these tasks involves multiple steps and actions from the entire production team, but many of us who create video content for various productions and projects have had to go through all these steps to get everyone’s feedback, refine the content, and eventually, hopefully, get the stakeholders’ approval. And if you’re under a tight deadline, this process can be extremely stressful. Now there’s a better way. Watch this video to see Avid Huddle in action.

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Boost team collaboration

Avid Huddle speeds up and simplifies content review and approval from anywhere on any device for faster delivery. It enables your distributed creative team to securely collaborate in real time, provide feedback instantly, and simulate an in-person experience. Editors can streamline the video review process using familiar tools, gathering valuable input from stakeholders.

“With the help of the secure and ubiquitous Microsoft Teams platform, Avid Huddle brings a true paradigm shift to the way that TV shows, movies, commercials and other content can now move through review and approval with speed and economy,” said Simon Crownshaw, Worldwide Media and Entertainment Strategy Director for Microsoft. “Most importantly, we’re enabling an exceptional video and audio streaming experience that’s just like looking over the shoulder of an editor at work in Media Composer.”

Simple to use

Let’s walk through the details of an Avid Huddle session. Getting started is easy. An editor working in Media Composer | Ultimate, Media Composer | Enterprise, or Avid | Edit On Demand launches the Avid Huddle app and invites participants or launches a Huddle session. The editor shares content directly from Media Composer utilizing SRT, a secure and reliable open-source protocol to ensure that your valuable content is always protected.

Avid Huddle sessions are virtual meetings; all participants are present in real time. Team members review, discuss, and comment on content as if working in the same edit suite. Time-stamped notations can be added while content is playing. Since collaboration is taking place during a live session, participants can ask to stop at any point to discuss or make annotations to highlight specific details or suggested changes on a frame to further enhance communication.

After the session ends, the time-stamped annotations and text comments can be exported, and the time-stamped comments can be imported back into Media Composer as markers. Editors can easily navigate to feedback typed during the Avid Huddle session and make the changes indicated.

It’s super intuitive, leveraging tools all users are already familiar with. Avid Huddle empowers production teams to securely review high-quality video and collaborate from anywhere. It’s a multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS solution that scales as production demands.

Avid Huddle will soon be available, directly from Avid or an authorized Avid channel partner, as a monthly or annual subscription—an add-on option for Media Composer | Ultimate, Media Composer | Enterprise, and Avid | Edit On Demand subscriptions. Avid Huddle subscriptions are only required for session hosts. And if you don’t have Media Composer, subscribe or give it a try now!

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