AUGUST 17, 2023

New Avid video ingest and broadcast playout solution

Avid | Stream IO UI

Ensuring your software architecture can evolve to meet future changes is vital to long-term broadcast video production and business needs. So how can OTT sports, news, and media workflows ensure longevity? For answers, join our on-demand webinar, Solving the Challenge of Ingest and Playout, where we introduce our next generation solution, Avid | Stream IO.

Avid experts Martin Appleton, Senior Manager Product Management, and Craig Wilson, Product Evangelist, Broadcast and Media Enterprise Product Marketing Media and Cloud, show why Avid’s newest video servers solutions can help you transition, how Avid | Stream IO runs on off-the-shelf hardware, and our plans for ongoing development.

The webinar explores the many benefits of Avid | Stream IO:

  • Get lightning-fast content turnaround
  • View, log and edit video easily into the MediaCentral ecosystem
  • Supports the most used broadcast formats and codecs
  • Handles traditional SDI feeds (available at launch) with compressed and uncompressed IP streams (available in a later release)
  • Easily switch from on-prem to cloud-based
  • Easily deploy software-based solution at scale
  • Flexible subscription and COTS hardware options
  • Ongoing release plans

See why Avid | Stream IO is the ideal resilient solution.

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Futureproof your productions with Avid’s scalable, software-based ingest & playout solution.

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