Avid VENUE systems enable you to create the ultimate live sound experience. Get maximum flexibility, efficiency, and control, making it easy to mix and record any type of performance—big or small.

VENUE systems are designed with direct input from leading mix engineers to bring pure innovation to modern live sound. Empower your live mixing capabilities with the most comprehensive tools available.



Avid VENUE S6L 24C

VENUE | S6L-24C and S6L-16C are now available—discover the unified live sound platform

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Avid VENUE S6L digital mixer in use at a Black Sabbath concert

世界中のエンジニアが VENUE | S6L をどのように使用しているかをご覧ください


S6L Worship 1200x600

Creating Immersive Worship Environments with Avid VENUE | S6L

Meeting the challenge

Whether you’re mixing live sound for a concert, festival, tour, club, house of worship, theater, or corporate or broadcast event, VENUE systems can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Get 100% hardware, software, and show file compatibility across the entire VENUE | S6L platform
  • Only pay for what you need—design and scale your perfect system with the faders, I/O, processing power, and options you need
  • Stand apart from competing venues and live sound engineers with incredible mixes that offer unprecedented clarity and warmth
  • Give your clients the professional sound they want by using the same AAX and Waves plugins used in top studios
  • Keep the pace of live events by easily adding channels, swapping between analog and digital inputs, and instantly recalling mixer and effects settings with snapshot automation
  • Better prepare for events and overcome limited personnel issues with Virtual Soundcheck
  • Record and archive shows and events as you’re mixing them with seamless Pro Tools integration, opening access to additional revenue-making opportunities
  • Scale up to your needs with unrivaled processing power for the largest productions—and scale down to fit smaller productions, tight spaces, and for easy transport
  • Save money in the long-run with VENUE’s proven durability to withstand the rigors of the road, the passage of time, and extreme environmental conditions
  • Meet the need to control and mix multiple mics without missing a cue by adding automixing capabilities
  • Connect and collaborate with other artists and expand your mixing opportunities with the free Avid Link app

How it works

  • Concert touring and festivals
  • Performance venues
  • Theater productions
  • Broadcast
  • Worship services
  • Corporate events
  • VENUE systems give live sound engineers unsurpassed sound quality, whether you’re mixing a massive festival or headline show on S6L, or smaller club on a more compact VENUE system. VENUE gives you unrivaled processing power to handle the biggest productions and unmatched durability to handle the rigors of the road. All VENUE systems include seamless Pro Tools recording and playback, integrated plugins, customizable I/O and other options, and timesaving Virtual Soundcheck.
  • Whether you’re handling sound for a large concert hall, smaller club, or even a cruise ship, VENUE systems offer the best live sound experience, night after night. Maximize your possibilities with our VENUE | S6L system. Or tailor our more compact solutions to fit even the tightest FOH spaces—without sacrificing sound quality. All VENUE systems include seamless Pro Tools recording and playback, integrated plugins, customizable I/O and other options, and timesaving Virtual Soundcheck.
  • From community theaters to Broadway, our configurable systems streamline the intricate workflow that live theater demands. VENUE’s unrivaled processing power can handle even the largest stage productions, ensuring that every performer, scene, and cue is covered. Change settings on the fly for different scenes and songs with flexible snapshot automation. Easily control and mix multiple mics with automixing. And integrate Pro Tools for multitrack music, audio playback, and to trigger sound effects.
  • VENUE systems ease the pressure of mixing and recording live televised events, preserving sound integrity while maximizing your processing channels, routing capabilities, and reliability. Handle high-profile events with our VENUE | S6L system. Or mix in the truck using our more compact systems—without sacrificing sound quality. Record directly to Pro Tools and control your live mixing and recording rigs as one. And switch settings on the fly with powerful and flexible snapshot automation.
  • For houses of worship of all sizes and creeds, VENUE systems give you pristine sound to ensure your services come through clearly. Plus, simple operation makes it easy for volunteers to mix events too. Change settings instantly for different speakers, sermons, and musical performances with flexible snapshot automation. Scale and customize the I/O to accommodate special guests and last-minute changes. And open new outreach opportunities by recording your services to Pro Tools for distribution.
  • VENUE systems are equipped to handle the unique stresses of mixing live sound for all varieties of corporate events, from conferences and product launches, to keynote speeches and company meetings. Scale your system to your individual needs, whether you’re mixing at a trade show on a larger VENUE | S6L, or in the office on one of our more compact systems. Every VENUE system lets you tailor the I/O and settings to meet the situation at hand. And you can easily record every event with seamless Pro Tools integration.


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Zinker Hero

S6L でインターポール、ヤング・ザ・ジャイアント、ヤー・ヤー・ヤーズをミックス

S6L から PA を通して、最初にドラムのキック、スネアとボーカルを聞いた瞬間に、すぐに特別な違いがわかりました。言葉では言い表せないくらいに興奮したものです。

ハーレー・ジンカー、フロント・オブ・ハウス・エンジニア (インターポール、ヤング・ザ・ジャイアント、ヤー・ヤー・ヤーズ)



フルセイル大学が、Avidオーディオ / ビデオ編集ツールをカリキュラムに導入

映画を学ぶ学生はAvid Media ComposerとSymphonyでプロジェクトを編集し、Pro Toolsで作業する学生は、ダイアログ、効果音、音楽などのサウンドの編集とミキシングを行います。そして、全てがダビングステージに集約されます。

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Avid VENUE | S6LがRiot Festのステージに



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